Operation Hope

I have always been a compassionate person; often called a "worry-wort" growing up, due to my penchant to worry about everybody around me. I propose a challenge where we leave each person we meet feeling better about themselves than before.
Random Acts Of Kindness are something I have done diligently my whole life. I propose this challenge to you: Make it your goal to UPLIFT and Inspire 1 person each and everyday.

1. Do something nice for 1 person every day. Be it taking the time to compliment them on something, or just let them know that you think they are wonderful.
2. Food Bank: Leave one item a week or a month- and not the expiring generic white bread. Just because these people are poor and need help, doesn't mean they deserve the worst food possible. I say we uplift them with quality products and ingredients. Whole grain breads, no sugar added peanut butter etc. Let's put the focus on quality and health! If you wouldn't eat it...
3. Volunteer (even if it is so show someone directions etc).
4. Compliment someone at the gym on their progress/muscles (not weight/skinny). Let's emphasize STRONG and Confident.
5.Leave someone an encouraging note.
6. Bake/cook for someone.
7. Let someone know they are appreciated. That they matter. They have worth, they carry weight, and they are acknowledged. Sometimes things get so out of hand that we feel as if we don't exist or matter to those around us. We are in  pain, scared, hurting, and feel isolated and alone. Reaching out to someone (even with a simple 'Have a great day'), can often times pull them out of that 'eye of the storm', downward spiral. They will feel happier, and more encouraged, thus taking control of their lives/mood and immediately set the tone and give off vibes that are more positive. Having an optimistic and positive mind-set is so imperative to live in this world.

Doing these simple things will change your paradigm and the mental filter through which you see the world, for the better. You'll be more OPTIMISTIC, more focused on the positive, and invite more positivity and success into your own life. It's incredible to know we have such control and influence over our own world, our moods, our behaviours, and the ensuing result. I chose to be the best version of myself that I can. Remember "My Behaviors are a function of my decisions, NOT my conditions". We must also realize that we have a social responsibility to those around us. They are in our 'world' and therefore we all impact eachother. Make the effort, and you will be amazed at how filled with enthusiasm, gratitude and positivity you'll be!


We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right. - Nelson Mandela