Saturday, March 26, 2011

Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Icing Dessert

Greek Yogurt Protein Cream Cheese Icing Dessert

I had a strong craving for something silky, dense and dessert like the other day. I had a "need to consume asap" tub of Greek Yogurt, which I decided to incorporate into my nightly dessert. The result? HEAVEN.
It tasted like Cream Cheese Frosting on Carrot cake, and the GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread make it even more dessert like. Thick, rich and satisfying! ENJOY:

- Greek Yogurt (I used Liberte 0% m.f - review to come)
- GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread (their Sprinkles would work as well- feel free to use any bran/fiber based biscuit/cookie or cereal- Graham or Arrowroot cookies would be fantastic, Protein Cakes: Anything dry.)
-Sugar Free Davinci (I used Sugar Free Coconut and Vanilla) (Torani or any other sf  would work)
- PGX GRANULES (key for thickening it up)

Mix the yogurt with the sweetener, cinnamon, Maple extract, a few crumbled Bran Crispbreads/cookies. Add PGX Granules and SF Syrup. STIR. The consistency should be a little more runny than regular Greek Yogurt as the PGX Granules expand and absorb the moisture (add 1/2scoop or more depending on how much liquid you are adding).
Throw into fridge and wait about 5-15min (or more depending on how long you can hold out!). Keep adding Syrup, PGX etc until you reach the consistency. The longer you let it sit, the thicker and richer it will be. Add remaining crackers/cookies/protein cakes etc.
ENJOY. Top with more Cinnamon, nut butter, protein powder icing etc if you want.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chocolate Fiber Protein Pudding revisited

Today's Protein Fiber Pudding:

35 grams
Chocolate Whey Protein Isolate
50 grams Renew Life Fibersmart
1 packet  sweetener

Today I went for a chocolate flavor, and increased the Fibersmart. I used Allmax Isoflex Chocolate Isolate protein (GREAT COMPANY AND PRODUCTS). Another fantastic Chocolate is Iso Sensations 93 Chocolate Fudge, Promansil by Rivalus (fantastic, and has goat easy to digest protein in it as well) and BIO X Power Whey Isolate (they have some of the highest quality and best tasting proteins around!).

Click here for BIO X REVIEW
Click here for Ultimate Nutrition Iso Sensations 93 Chocolate Fudge Review

Again, this was a Nutritionally packed, high protein, high fiber, filling and dessert like start to my day. I highly recommend trying this (adding sugar free syrup makes it even better).


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making It Work- Portable meal ideas TO GO; convenience

As many of you know, my goal for March is to get "back on track" Healthy Eating-wise. March tends to be the month people starts lagging on their "New Years' goals, succumbing to convenience, laziness, or frustration. Many of my clients are struggling with this, as the colder months lead to reaching for my comfort foods. I realized that I have been eating far too many processed foods. This has wrecked havoc on my immune system, piling in unnecessary calories that are nutritionally void, slowed my concentration and impaired my sleep; leaving me feeling constantly hungry and irritable, not to mention a definite inching up on the scale.

Early this morning I decided to change things around and swap up the foods I have been eating (far too many sweets). I am an advocate of quick, easy and convenient! I also wanted to pack some fresh veggies that I had sitting in the fridge, while maintaining a "snackish' type meal that can be easily snacked on while studying/reading/working.

-A bag of Mann's Rainbow Salad (better than their BroccoliSlaw- Rainbow Salad has added Cauliflower and a milder taste).
- A 500g bag of Radishes slices up.
-600 g of Celery sticks (unpictured)
-Baby Carrots
-Unpictured bottle of Walden Farm's BBQ sauce
-Gold Seal Smoked Light Can of Tuna (easy to remove lid makes it clean and fast to get protein in).

After my morning Cardio, I decided to revisit an old favorite that I LOVED and offered so many health benefits: PROTEIN FIBER PUDDING! Click for RECIPES or search of Protein Fiber Pudding.

This is something I used to have in varying forms daily.
I decided to use an old prepackaged packet of Whey Protein Powder (Kaizen 100% Whey in Orange Creamsicle).
-55g Renew Life Fiber Smart 
-Packet of Sweetener

As you can see, I didn't even bring a bowl and used a "stolen" Tim Horton's Coffee cup. This was phenomenal, and really helped balance my blood sugar. The ground flax in the Fibersmart really give this a great nutty taste and fantastic thick texture.

Recollecting past recipes/foods you used to enjoy on a regular basis as part of a "get healthy lifestyle" is a great way to get back on track! Not only have you already proven to yourself that you can do this (as you have in the past), but you know that you loved the way the food tasted. This gives you something to look forward to, as well as encourages you to try remaking it in new ways.

I know that I will be having a Strawberry Banana Flavored Protein Fiber Pudding tomorrow morning! This is a fantastic way to start your day: Healthy fats, protein, fiber and dessert all in one!

I recommend mixing in some Coconut Butter/Walnut Butter/Almond Butter or any Nut butter you have on hand.

I look forward to making one of my old favorites: Protein Fiber Sludge Pudding

What Have You Accomplished So Far? 3 Month Wake Up!

It is 3 months into the "New Year". Where are your priorities now? How have you been at staying on track or acheiving those goals you so ardously set at the beginning of the year?

Having been feeling a little been stressed recently, and not at all on top of my game, I decided to focus on what I HAVE accomplished as a means of providing impetus.

I didn't set any goals per say, buy rather strove to maintain my fitness level from the previous year. I set a goal of doing a certain amount of miles a day. How have I been doing? Except for a brief illness that literally had me in the emergency room (and thus unable to exercise, much less stand) I have gone every day and enjoyed every minute of it! I believe due to illness I missed about 3 or 4 days. At first I was resentful because I had a goal and this was messing with it, but I realized it was beyond my control and let it go!

My new goal is to focus on my triceps and strengthening my core again, as I have a bad back and could benefit from some strengthening.

My other goal was to maintain a positive and hopeful mindset; this hasn't been as easy. Due to certain events that happened, I have been dealing with unexpected stress. I also do not have certain resources at my disposal that I had to help me cope with stress. This  means that I have had to adapt without any prior notice. This is a work in progress. Since February, things haven't been going as smoothly as I would have hoped due to a few unexpected 'bumps' in the road (or hurdles). I have had to adapt and adjust to change suddenly, and I am still dealing with the fallout and shock. My goal for this month is to really take time to sit down and figure out a managable way to deal with all of this. Doing this gives me a sense of control and a feeling of accomplishment and productivity. In a sense, it gives me the power back.

From a Supplement stantpoint, I vowed to consciously take my Vitamin D3 pills every morning, as well as my antioxidant supplement. Unfortunately, I have not been consistant in this manner.

I really wanted to watch portions, and instead of eating all my meals at home, I wanted to start packing my meals with me:

(This mornings 3/4 empty tupperware! It was 3 Servings of Baker's Deluxe/Dixie Diners Hot Cereal in Cinnamon Spice), I also had a Chocolite , a Chocolite Peanut butter patty, Crispy Caramel Bar, and Cookies and Cream Bite).Smore's Bar