Sunday, September 27, 2009

It occurred to me yesterday, whilst browsing yet another food store, that I spend 100% of my weekends hunting for food. Thank goodness my friend is so acquiescent! Today we are hitting up the Wholesale Superstore (huge ass salsa, 12pack of Fuze Shape Tropical, and Sunspun dried chili flakes because they are so cheap!). In Superstore I am getting more canned wax beans, tuna, SALSA, Romaine, Bamboo Shoots and maybe some Sprite Zero.
Yes, I did go to Superstore Friday, and Yesterday, and am going today. I like going. Sad, I know.
Walmart, to me, is like a tourist attraction that should charge admission. Especially the Ghetto one in the NE. Too much fun and mockage. Either way, they have my Jello snacks at the best price, so that merits the detour.
I am headed to the gym. I am OBSESSED with the fiber sprinkles, and only have 1 tub left. I have literally been binging on it. Case in point, Measured out 65g yesterday, doused it is sf pancake syrup, and Davinci's sf Syrups in Cookie Dough, Vanilla, B52, Macadamia Nut etc, added sweetener, cinnamon and PGX granules and popped it in the microwave for 25secs. It tastes like Red River porridge hot cereal! I added globs of Chocolate Dip, more pancake syrup etc. The Sprinkles (much like Fiber One or All Bran) soak up all liquid and take on the fabulous flavor of whatever I add to it. PGX adds thickness, and a Cream of Wheat type consistency.
I was stuffed after dinner and my Sprinkles, but felt compelled to put clothes on, get on the elevator and go downstairs to get more Sprinkles (sore them in my mail box). I got 75g more, ate it and wanted more again. I am stress eating. I feel like I need Zanax or something!
Gym time... My ankle is still bruised and hurts like a M.F. I have such weird obsessions, and need to face my feelings. I tell myself that at least it isn't cereal, or muffin mix, or bread etc, but the Sprinkles still are pure carb (which I have an addiction to) and binging on lettuce leaves doesn't make it OK. It's still emotional eating, and binging regardless of what I put in my mouth. Life can be sooo hard sometimes. Or we make it harder than it has to be by how we cope with situations, react and respond to them, and how we choose to behave.
I want to regress to about age 2!! Ah, the good years!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Killer Flies Part 1

I must preface this post by saying that I live in an apartment building, in downtown (read- no wilderness, lawns etc near me) WAY up high in a 42 floor building. This will all make sense to you guys in a bit. There are con/pros of living in the city center, but I'm a creature of habit, so there are many things I like about this place- familiarity being one of them. Another reason I like this area (convenience to things nearby etc) is that unlike my families' house which has a killer garden, is by a baseball field, and a private community lake etc, THERE ARE NO BUGS!!!! You obviously get the random fly, ladybug or something outside, or if you go to the HUGE center park by the river- yes, you will get swarmed. But NOT in a concrete reinforced rectangular GREEN (wtf- they painted it dark green!) building in the MIDDLE of the Downtown area. This is supposed to be one of the perks (in my opinion) of living here. I AGAIN must point out that I am ABOVE the 30th floor. The windows are screened and you can't remove the mesh, and the windows do not open all the way. In short, if I wanted to jump-I could not.

I noticed BLACK spots on my ceilings 2 days ago. I looked closer and saw it was a fucking HUGE fly. I let it slip, because if I thought about to much I'd get grossed out. I then noticed 2 more flies. I am talking STEROID growth hormone mutant flies. And they just sat there. Only 2 flew into the lights and windows. I then noticed THREE 3 in my living room/TV area. THREE! That makes 6 flies. How the F*#! did they get here. And furthermore, WHY SO MANY? It freaked me out so so much. And these guys are fat and huge. I of course get that anxious panicked feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to ignore the problem and pretend it's not there, for hopes that I am hallucinating. Do I have a fly nest somewhere? I have a huge phobia of killing bugs and then picking them up for fear they will start to twitch or attack me. I managed to kill 3 yesterday (one was so traumatizing) and I don't know if I actually got it in the cup and into the hallway. There were 2 on my bedroom ceiling last night- now they are gone. 2 in my living room. I will take a picture. They also are arrogant assholes! They don't fly around when you come near then, and start whacking them with a rolled up copy of INSIDE FITNESS magazine. They are cocky. Or really sluggish due to their mutant steroid size. It's freaking me out!!!!

I have today off of work, and my weekend buddy put in a request to have Friday off too- long weekend, but I am BROKE. We are doing groceries etc. Headed to gym now. I am getting really depressed over my over-eating, which causes me to over eat. Vicious cycle. I feel so self conscious right now. Too much worry anxiety and stress. I also sprained my ankle, re-twisted it yesterday, and my right leg is totally messed. Hurts more than I'd like to admit.

Off to the gym. Ugh. Will post more later. Comment please, with any advice!!!
Saw CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and EVERYONE should see this movie! So funny, and a great message. Saw it 3D Imax and it was sooo worth it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday QUICK recap

I was way too tired Sunday to write a post- but I did read all of yours! I worked at the sugar free place, and got a whack load of syrups to try. I have been pouring the SF Pumpkin Pie syrup over the bran sprinkles, adding cinnamon, sweetener and microwaving it for 33sec. I soaks up the syrup and is so so yummy. I then add either Sorbee's or Walden Farms sf Pancake syrup all over it. Sometimes I add some PGX granules to make it thick. HEAVEN. My friend that picked me up surprised me and ordered me the BULLET EXPRESS. Yes, this is the one I wrote an ENTIRE post about and watch the infomercial daily... I thought it would come this week around Wednesday. So he picks me up and tells me he finally followed the tracking number and knows where it is!! I asked 'Where is it" (totally thinking Tallahassee, or Idaho etc). So he looks at me with this BIG ass grin and says 'IN MY TRUNK'!! And pops it open!!:

These flowers were on the front seat as well:This is my meal from SATURDAY night...OOOPS I will write more later, as I am dead tired this Tuesday morning, and feel stuffed and gross. I need to stop the late night post dinner/dessert stress eating. Even if it is lettuce leaves. The BULLET EXPRESS GUYS!!! This is beyond exciting. I was so exhausted from the drama,stress and excitement of the day (I had to go work after) that I was exhausted when I finally got home. We stopped off after to do groceries again. I couldn't even move. I am getting old ladies.....
There is a drawback with the whole Bullet Express thing. I feel like he is holding it over my head and he keeps bringing it up and wanting me to scream (yes, I shrieked when I saw it- and I mean LOUD) and it is making uncomfortable. He keeps bringing it up it odd ways and if I don't respond how he wants me to, he gets irritated and huffy like a little kid throwing a tantrum and just says 'fine' and gets all quiet. It's stressful.
Have a great day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Broccoli Slaw LOVING!

Before I get to eats, I have to tell you guys I went to see 'The Informant' today. GO SEE IT. It is possibly one of the funniest caper movies ever. Matt Damon is great, the dialogue is fantastic, the wit and humor are OUTSTANDING, the director is great etc. It was so well done, and so funny. I want to go see it again.

I had a wonderful workout today and then walked to Safeway to grab produce and black pepper. I finally decided to try Mann's Broccoli-Slaw. OMG why haven't I tried this before? It was so good! I got home, and mixed it with a can of Bamboo and Wax beans, added dressing spices, then Romaine, tomatoes, peppers, tuna etc:

This is part one of my amazing broccoli slaw salad (with a can of bamboo, can of yellow beans)
Another shot: I used Asian and Coleslaw Walden Farms' dressing.

Then I added Romaine, tomatoes, a can of tuna, salsa, and red peppers. Obviously seasoned with Steak Seasoning: Voila!


End of day "ice cream'. I made about 2.5 of these. I put it in a bowl and into the freezer, and am currently enjoying it with GG Bran Sprinkles mixed in for crunch!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009






Monday, September 14, 2009

Migrained Monday

Sprinkles mixed in Sugar Free Syrup (Davinci B52 and Sbux sf Vanilla), with jello on top. I microwaved this for 33sec until all the syrup was absorbed. So good hot. I ate about 6 bowls of this.
Another shot of the Ghetto Salsa at another Superstore. I bought 4 (2 on Sat and 2 yesterday) and I ate them all. We are talking the JUGS up top- NOT the jars.

This I had to post because I found it too funny. I was a liquidation world (don't ask). It looks and sounds dirtier than when you spell it with a 'C'. Don't you agree?

I woke up today at 3am and started eating seaweed. Had a HUGE headache, and since 3 extra strength Tylenol did nothing, I figured looking at blogs and eating would. I woke up with headache, and distended stomach. Went to the gym look pregnant, cancelled work, binged on seaweed and salsa again (with my lunch) and freaked out, gave my seaweed to the landlady for safe keeping, and went to the theatre to see Tyler Perry's newest movie ' I Can Do Bad All By Myself'. I love 'soul movies' , they are so unique as compared to other movies. Even when dealing with the same subjects, you can see such a huge difference. They have soul!! lol. I enjoyed it a lot.
I was chewing on my 3rd pack of gum from stress during the movie, and was so bloated that people were staring at me. I looked 9 months pregnant, and about six ppl asked when I was due! It was so uncomfortable. I am not exaggerating in the least. I went to the Zeller's to look at something, and it hurt to walk. My JACKET (ie. LOOSE spring jacket) was stretched tight. It was humiliating walking through the mall. I grabbed 2 huge containers of Steak Seasoning from Zellers, and waddled to Chapters to wait for the shuttle that would take me to the train station. I was so glad to get home.
I am going to go watch Oprah's Whitney Houston interview now. 1 minute. I love WHITNEY!!!
Update: GUYS! OPRAH ISN'T ON! The Tennis matches are on instead! WTF!!?? I've been waiting for this for so long. She is always on my time @ 5pm. In the TV Guide it has her scheduled today. I am so angry! I officially HATE tennis right now.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is going to be a super quick post as I'm running behind, my gym opens @ 9am, I am SUPPOSED to be @ work @ 9:30 (NOT HAPPENING- my workout is 54min, the store opens @ 10am- I am going to be there @ 10:15am, not that it matters because Saturdays are DEAD).

I downloaded the most beautiful cell phone wallpaper yesterday of St. Lucia, beaches, rain, palm trees etc. I also uploaded about 10 songs to use as ringtones. I love ! It's safe, and all free and customizable!!

I am getting picked up around 2:30pm-3pm and then running to the nearest Superstore to buy Salsa, canned wax beans etc and to the Korean Market for my KAEDE seaweed strips. I can't believe I ate 5 entire packages this week. There are 100 whole sheets in each.
That's 71.5 sheets PER DAY. I went through 6 1.86 L jugs of salsa, a 3.9 LITRE huge ass jug, and 2 473mL jars of PC salsa verde and another one.

I haven't had a protein powder binge in a while, or even had any straight up except for 1 package last week of the new Gaspari Myofusion Strawberries and Cream to try because I was feeling light headed. Gaspari is a great company, and they are also reformulating one of my favorite thermogenics CYTOLEAN. I hope it'll be great!!! I use their Superpumped250 with a Xenergy most mornings before my Cardio.

I asked you guys yesterday, but I'll re post until I get feedback:
What types of supplements do you want reviews on? Anything in specific you would like clarification on? Any product you are interested in? Let me know!

Have a FABULOUS day everyone, and leave comments and WRITE! I know I haven't been posting as many pics as before, or blogging as frequently, but keep in mind I have mono, adrenal exhaustion, migraines and am so stressed most days I want to run away. So tired. Also, when you have such a lack of response, it makes you feel worthless and like nobody cares, and gives you that 'Why Bother' mentality.

I really appreciate every single email, comment etc I have gotten. They have made my day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday (FINALLY) part 2

I am finally back home (eating seaweed sheets folded thick and dipped into salsa AGAIN). Fortunately (or unfortunately) I have only a TINY bit left (33sheets of seaweed and about 1/2 cup salsa) so I can't binge on it after I eat it. Tomorrow I'm getting more.

I did my 54min @ the gym (523cal/ 5.49miles) then went to work pretty happy BECAUSE the one co-worker who I CANNOT stand (the one that does NOTHING) was off today, and I got to work with my fabulous, favorite coworker whom I rarely see. He is fabulous and gay and funny and I am so calm & chilled out when he's there. I even offered to open for him tomorrow so he can go out and party and sleep in. My weekend shopping buddy is at his Godson's bday (1 years old!) until 2pm tomorrow, so I figured I might as well make some $, because I refuse to sit at home and binge from boredom/stress.

I also got gifted another bottle of Starbucks Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup which I am using in my Protilife ice cream & shake tonight. As we speak I am also adding in to my GG Scandinavian Crisp Bread Sprinkles, and microwaving it so it's mushy and hot.

I ate 2.3 Sweet Nothings Belgium Cats post gym, and about 48g of sprinkles. I then had a can of tuna, a can of wax beans, and a can of sliced bamboo shoots with The Keg's seasoning salt and Walden Farms' Thousand Island Dressing. I managed to eat 3 packs of "dessert" gum ( trident pina colada, juicy fruits new orange pineapple juicy stix, and stride wild berry) and I huge cucumber sliced and sprinkled with strawberry kiwi crystal light, sweetener, and lemon juice.

What products/ items do you want to see reviewed???
I've been meaning to do this for a while now, but mono and stress and laziness got in the way. Do you want individual vitamin reviews, supplements, fat burner's and thermo's, pre/post workout, BCAA'S, proteins, cleanses, fiber supplements etc. Let me know! This isn't just some random reviewing- I am a nutrition and supplement consultant, so I do now my stuff inside and out. Ingredients mean something to me, and I understand the functioning, science, formulas etc. Beyond that, it's a passion.

Hope to hear from you and get some feedback!

FRIDAY whoop whoop

It is FRIDAY. This past 1.5 weeks I've managed to gain 7 lbs of fat, stress myself to the point of near breakdown, eat 6 1.89L and 1 3.89L jugs of salsa, sprain my ankle, workout, make it through work, storm out of work lest I strangle my annoying coworker, eat enough nori sheets to supply my thyroid with iodine for the rest of my life, pop enough pain killers to consider that my blood is liquid acetaminophen, salsa, and crystal light. I've become addicted to FUZE SHAPE in TROPICAL FRUIT (not feeling the strawberry melon).I would like to know when Canada will get the rest of the slenderize flavors??!!! Dragon fruit, blue raspberry??!! Hello, bring it Fuze people. Canada likes to have healthy options too!!!
Most importantly, I have utilized my mini Salter digital scale of love, numerous times a day at the gym, and yesterday in the food court. Yes people were watching and giving me odd looks (it was a cucumber- I know- but it was fun). I must have looked like an eating disordered OCD person. The scale is TINY and discreet, but peeling and weighing a cucumber... well, there isn't a way to be stealth about that!

Heading to the gym now, then work, then possibly either collapse from mental exhaustion, or from eating my body weight in salsa and seaweed sheets.
I'll update later.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick Tuesday Recap

This is a quick Tuesday recap done Monday morning.... Sorry. So this is my new mini scale in action @ the gym:

I was weighing either protein powder of bran sprinkles in this picture. I love the thing! I wish it weighed more than it's max load of 25g, but I mostly am using it for lighter things.
Work was OK. Just me and the manager who is still being a jerk, and I don't know what to do anymore. The gym was also OK. 54min Cardio=522cal burned.
I weigh 109 this morning. I have gained 9 lbs. If I think about it too much, I will cry. It's from BINGE eating salsa and seaweed sheets (1.89L of salsa and 50+ sheets of seaweed after dinner, and all through dinner prep will do that to you). I look pregnant and feel ashamed. No self control. However, being anal as I am, I can tell you that my seaweed sheet weighs 2.8grams.
I will write a proper Wednesday post later. I'm off to gym, and work. I need to settle down. My other co-worker is back today, which is double stressful for me. The amount of brown nosing, lying, manipulating and chatting up my manager she does irritates me to no end. My blood pressure is shot to hell because of work. It went from 103/84 to 143 in a matter of 20min last week due to stress. Wish me luck!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day Maddness

I definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, as you may have noticed from this mornings post about the last 2 days. I got home from the gym (54min=522 cal/5.47m) and ate quickly because my friend was picking me up. We decided to go check out an Asian market I hadn't been to yet:
We still have many ethnic stores to go to. Next week we are doing Lambda's and Lucky (Asian). I found my tofu shiritaki there but now much else. We then went to see the new and well reviewed Korean horror movie 'Thirst'. I love foreign, and intelligent movies. This movie was not scary, smart or interesting. It got rave reviews, so I am confused. We left halfway through. Beside the indie theatre the book store was having a side walk sale and my friend bought me Mo Hayder's "The Ritual" which I have been dying to read! We drank the tropical fruit flavor of Fuze Shape while going to a new Superstore. We decided to stop at the London Drugs' in the area because I had been kicking myself for not buying the mini pocket sized digital Salter scale the day before. They are so hard to find, and I walked away from purchasing it yesterday.
He bought it for me as a gift!!! It is so cute, tiny and accurate up to 250g. I have the $100 Salter Nutritional Scale at home, but this is so convenient to carry around with me:

I was one happy girl. Can't wait until FRIDAY!!! It may be a bit premature, but I need a vacation. FIVE MORE DAY'S until the weekend!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

,Salsa Fever Sunday, Migraine fever friday hell, and Super Saturday

I meant to update you on the actual day of (fri,sat,sun) but didn't, so here we are. It'll be quick. Friday I started feeling quite sick in terms of nausea and headache towards the end of work. By the time I got home, fell in love with Simply Naturals' Salsa, and started my protishake and protein cakes prep I was NOT feeling good. I shovelled everything in, made dinner and stuffed myself after with the frozen cake/ice cream combo I had made. I was in so much pain at this point, I popped every pain pill I had and hit the sack.

I ended up waking up every 2hrs, so sick and dizzy- I threw up all night (more like dry heaving). This went on ALL NIGHT. I finally realized that I am NOT going to the gym (which you know is rare for me) and got up at 6ish to start eating (3 cans of tuna, 2 cans of wax beans, 20+ sushi seaweed sheets dipped into mounds of salsa). I also was scheduled to work, and was so mentally exhausted and blah from the pain pill/ migraine combo.

Started feeling better, and didn't cancel my weekend shopping friend from picking me up @ 1. We got 6 1.89L tubs of salsa. 3 ghetto, 2 of the El Restaurante, and I tried a new Salsa Verde as well (ps- I ate the entire 1.89L tub of ghetto salsa, and verde that night). I also got 24 cans of yellow wax beans, and some sf pop, lettuce, and 16 cucumbers at safeway. I got home and my light died in my kitchen. I had to chop and wash slimy lettuce in the dark! I also got a HUGE stuffed hippo from my friend. The day ended up being great!

We also FINALLY made it to small Korea 2. Every time we go, it's closed. I normally go to one right by me (Arirang) but we wanted to try this one. It was cute. I got my KAEDE seaweed for $1 less than I normally do.

Here is the picture:

Sunday we did our normal Walmart, Safeway loop (sf jello, tomatoes- that's it!) and we also did the WHOLE SALE Superstore in the industrial section where I couldn't remember that brand of food industry salsa that started with an S. It was Sunspun and Yes I GOT IT!!!

It is double the size of the 2 Litre tubs. It is pretty decent. I also had the worst 230am binge yet. I ate about 40 seaweed wrappers folded and dipped into the entire tub of salsa. This has been going on every night and I'm getting DEPRESSED.
Today is superstore for bagged romaine (huge ass bag) and we are going to go see the Korean Horror movie THIRST. It is Monday, and my stomach feels stuffed, pained and undigested from yesterday, and my head is starting that dull throb. FYI Don't even by Superstore brand Exact Tylenol. It sucks!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Behold the SIEVES/Strainers!

Finally, I took them out of my yellow Bay bags, and am uploading them for you all to see. Shotty picture- it's before 7 am and my cell phone and bad lighting do NOT a pretty picture make. I thought they merit 2 photos to document their full splendor!!!

The Strainers:

Pretty, no? Yes, I like my kitchen gadgets and utensils....

I also had the BEST salsa today. I have been going through 2-3 LITRE tubs a DAY lately, and had non left today. I was too tired to walk to a grocery store, so I ran into a little Organic Vitamin store in the mall and grabbed the Simply Natural Fire Roasted Black Bean and Corn Organic Salsa. It's only 470mL- I didn't think I'd be that impressed. OMG. It is amazing. Thick like chili, with the most amazing fire roasted taste ever! Needless to say, I finished the whole jar in less than 10 minutes. I shit you not! Here are some pictures of it's fire-roasted, organic, chunky goodness:

I can't wait to try there other flavors!

I am still getting my GHETTO no name superstore generic brand- which I actually love. I do not like PACE salsa (except picante) they are TOO vinegary. I LOVE OLD DUTCH RESTAURANTE salsa in mild, and my new favorite is El Restaurante Original Chunky Salsa distributed by Nalley Canada Ltd. These are all the 1.89L and 3.4L sizes I'm talking about. I pour it on salad, pasta, tuna, chicken,veggies, and mostly I dip Sushi Seaweed Nori into it as a scoop. SO GOOD.


Obviously the more expensive gourmet ones are the best (and I have had some damn good salsas) but for the amount I go through, I need CHEAP and large. There is a wholesale place that had a 4Ltr size of this well known condiment/industry/food court type brand. It started with an S. Sunett? Sunkist? Who knows, but I am grabbing some tomorrow!

I think I should have called this post 'Salsa Loving' instead- that'll have to wait for tomorrow! What are your favorite salsas???

Looking forward to hearing from you, and seeing what you've been up to!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glorious Basterds

I NEVER sleep in. EVER. Even when I want to and try to- No Dice. Somehow, after 3 days of doing nothing (I must be exhausted from all the exertion) I slept in. I usually leave for the gym @ 7-710am. I woke up @ 7:03am. It is now 7:31am and I have taken all my thermo's, energy pills, and because I am out of my Xenergy (which I use to slam back all my energy pills- I know, I'm messed up) I had a packet of Gaspari's Superpumped 250 with all my pills. I am switching from Advil (Ibuprofen) and Motrin type pain killers, to Tylenol extra strength- simply because that is what they had at Superstore and I didn't like the ingredients in the generic version of Advil (castor oil does NOT sit well with me). Hopefully it helps!

Yesterday, I FINALLY bought a skillet And 2 strainers of varying sizes to replace the other 2 I had bought previously. 1 is from the complete cook, and looks really nice but is pretty expensive. The other one is my ghetto strainer from Walmart, but works rather well since it is soooo deep. I need to return the gourmet one, and one of the small ones (although I actually think I might keep the Ghetto Strainer).I will add a picture tomorrow as I'm too tired now.

I went to see INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS this afternoon and am so glad I did! Very well done movie; great witty, intelligent dialogue, humor, interesting story etc. It was so funny and brilliantly acted. It did not feel like 2.5hrs!!

My workout this morning was pretty decent, and I managed not to over eat today. I have gained 5lbs from the stress eating and am NOT happy about that. I go back to work tomorrow, which has been a major cause of stress and anxiety for me- so I'm obviously a tad apprehensive. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bouncy room needed...

What a week! And it's only Tuesday. I haven't gone to work yet, due to feeling sick and am a paranoid, anxiety ridden little girl. I have been stress eating beyone belief. I don't mean 'I ate 3 cookies' as some bloggers write about with guilt. I mean physically stuffed until I can't breath sick. I have eaten a whole 2 LITRE tub of salsa EACH DAY with sushi nori sheets for scoopage, copious amounts of bran sprinkles, more salsa, and dinner, breakfast, lunch and snacking. I am so stressed out it is not funny. This is a picture of yesterdays thickncreamy shake that I will call my protein cookie shake (fiber sprinkles are mixed in). I couldn't finished the second shake with dinner because I felt so sick I ended up throwing up a bit. I then woke up @ 11pm and finished dinner b/c I felt dizzy. Today wasn't much better. I don't know what's going on. I feel heartbroken, scared, paranoid, terrified, panicked etc.

I have been using all my energy at the gym in the mornings- it's the only thing I feel good about. I bought 2 stainless steel sieve/strainers an a t-fal non-stick skillet/ frying pan (FINALLY). Other than that, my weekend was nice- lots of grocery shopping done! I think I am just feeling down, and feel the need to hide... I will blog with a happier post/update as soon as I can get my act together and stop thinking like a crazy depressed person!!!