Saturday, July 25, 2009

Should be a nice day!

A quick Saturday morning update: My joints are in a world of pain! I don't know if this is because I took yesterday off from working out (that always happens to me- my legs get stiff and week). Or if it is because of the mono? Eitherway, I have taken a extra strength Ibuprofen and AM going to the gym. I feel so lazy. I'm so excited to have my 12hr Elite protein Vanilla today!!! Of course I'm making it into a custard like pudding!

I am devouring another jar of Salsa (Restaurante style Old Dutch) with Chinese Cabbage leaves, Romaine leaves and crackers. I think I have a SLIGHT food/salsa addiction!

I'm most likely going to go see Food Inc this afternoon with a friend, and picking up some groceries (Romaine is on sale for $0.67!!). I took my Branched Chain Amino Acid powder and extra Glutamine (the glutamine was for immunity, digestive health and recovery of muscle tissue) but I guess it didn't help much?!!

Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? Has anyone seen the fabulous preview for the movie "Mr.Despicable"?? SO FUNNY. comes out next year, go to quicktime and watch the trailer!

I'm about to try my Amazing Grass Green SUPERFOOD! In berry. I only got sent 2 chocolate superfoods, so I want to save those. In a small bowl I added 4 pumps of Davinci sugar free Blueberry syrup and the pouch and am now stirring it up thick (like pudding and when mixing PB2).

I know it looks horrible! It's the syrup color mixed with the berry superfoods.

SO FREAKING AMAZING! It has great texure to it! I have to try the unflavoured one too! I have now devoured 3/4 of the AMAZING MEAL original with the blueberry syrup, and the unflavored superfoods.

This is the unflavored original Amazing Meal with the blueberry syrup and the amazing superfood unflavoured thrown in for kicks. YUM. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I can't wait to try the chocolate!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New format and daily info

Good morning,
Thought I'd change things up a bit and start something new blog-wise. My posts have bee LAME lately, due to feeling so exhausted and down lately. Writing about my day seems too time consuming and tiring! Sorry!! I am going to start doing Vitamin reviews and supplement reviews (EVERYTHING from fat burners, minerals, vitamins, herbs, protein powders, fiber) Minerals, BCAA formulas, fish oils, cleanses and detox's, natural remedies, companies, myomedicinals etc. This is my area of expertise, and I have such a passion for the industry. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this and learn something too. If you have any questions, or suggestion, please write me and let me know! Any feed back is GREAT!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, but wishing it was FRIDAY!

Before I post some pictures of today's food, I wanted to wish Sarah from LovInMyTummy all the best with whatever she decides to do in the future. You will be truly missed!! Sarah, thanks for the joy, laughter, love and perspective you have brought to the entire blogging community. Thank you most of all for letting us see a piece of your wonderful life, and letting us get to know you and your fabulous family (amazing husband, and beautiful daughters). It was so nice of you to show us that part of your life.

My Vanilla Protilife Shake (Vanilla Protilife, PGX granules, cinnamon, 10 ice cubes, sweetener, sf vanilla and cookie dough syrup and some Sorbee maple pancake syrup with Bran Crisps crushed on top).Salad (yellow pepper, shirataki, sliced bamboo shoots, whole beans, tuna, yellow pepper, Roma tomato, Romaine, Red Leaf Lettuce, pickles, cucumber)
Protein Cake batch # 1. Used BioX Vanilla Power Whey Isolate today. Made with sf Davinci blueberry syrup, Walden Farms Blueberry syrup, Davinci cookie dough,caramel and vanilla syrups,PGX and
pancake syrup.

Batch # 2... so yummy.

I was so tired today, that when I went for a late lunch, I literally folded my arms on the table and put my head down. This CFS/adrenal exhaustion and mono is kicking my ass. For some reason I have been listening to Hillary Duff's 'FLY' over and over. Also, like Beyonce's new song 'Sweet Dreams' I think, and Jordan Sparks 'Battlefield' is stuck in my head! Workout was good this morning- not sure if it's due to the Bioburn D2T I am using again in addition to the Xenergy, morning rise and shine, and slimquick extreme, or the Vitamin D? Hope tomorrow goes well, as I am so stressed with family and life right now, that at times I feel like just giving up. That's not me, and I need to focus on my SELF and getting back on track and happy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday eats and treats

I barely slept last night (possibly due to the fact I had Lewis Black's CD on repeat all night) and woke up groggy, and in a coma. Ate some bran crisps and my morning rise and shine drink, my energy drink and somehow arrived at the gym. I felt so calm and felt OK with taking it easy. I actually had a pleasant workout, when I firmly believed I'd be too weak/tired/stiff and sore! Work was decent. I had my typical greens+bran crisps+Baker's Deluxe Hot Maple Cereal (unheated of course) post workout snack (MOST AMAZING TASTING GREEN THING EVER), and then ate 1/2 red pepper, can of bamboo shoots, can of wax beans, shirataki noodles and miso soup at work. I had a fantastic crystal light, blueberry syrup with 2 cucumber salad as my 5pm snack, and then made 8 protein cakes with Chocolate Allmax Isoflex using sf caramel,vanilla and blueberry syrups. Dinner was FANTASTIC. My Gigantic tuna/shirataki/veggie/seaweed/red pepper, Roma tomato, pickle, cucumber, canned beans and bamboo shoot salad-casserole!!! I also had my chocolate protein shakes with 3 GG Bran crisp breads and sf strawberry jam and sf pancake syrup all over them.