Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4 Ingredient Protein Cakes Revisited!

Happy November 3rd Everyone!
I thought I'd do a quick 2-3 ingredient Protein Cake tutorial again.
Depending on your microwave, these take no longer than 30 seconds-1 min (depending on thickness of batter, microwave, and size of dish). There are so many variations on Protein Cakes, and I can assure you that I have tried them all. From pureed Cauliflower, all forms of squashes, grated apple and carrots, pureed carrots, nut butters, egg whites, yogurt, cottage cheese, flax, every liquid under the sun,  jams, cereals, diet pop (more on that later!!!).

This is just a simple one that doesn't require a lot of items:

Protein Powder (whey works best)- I used Isoflex by Allmax this time.
A liquid (water, Sugar Free Syrup, any veggie puree, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, almond milk- refer to the above list etc)
Optional- Psyllium husks, or PGX granules add a great cake-like texture and add volume/ structure/sturdiness).
Grab a small ramekin or custard dish/bowl that is microwave safe.
Add a little bit of liquid (not a lot- you don't want the batter to be runny)
Add packet of Sweet and Low (or other sweetener)
Add more liquid if necessary and stir. If you are using psyllium husks etc, add them now (about TB).

This next part requires some quick timing: add Baking Soda and stir. AS SOON as the batter starts getting white-ish from the baking soda and getting 'mousse-like' and airy/puffy immediately stick into the microwave and turn it on more 30sec or 40seconds.
If it is done it should have a springy texture and not be moist. Microwave a few more seconds if necessary.
Enjoy! If you want it a little crispier/crunchier keep microwaving it after it's done in 20 sec intervals until you get your desired "crunch" factor. These are so good in protein ice cream, yogurts, dipped in coffee/tea etc.

I also suggest brewing a flavored tea ( like Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea or Biscotti) or Coffee, and using that as liquid! Great way to use up some leftover coffee/tea etc!

This one above is without the psyllium.

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  1. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! I look how easy these protein cakes are and how healthy. I especially love that I can use extra tea for an added twist. You know how much I hate wasting leftovers!! :)