Monday, February 21, 2011

"Baked" Minute Protein Oatmeal

I have a quick post to do on some amazing breakfasts and dinners I have been enjoying.

"Baked Oatmeal" (aka microwave version)
This requires:

Baker's Deluxe/Dixie Diner's Hot Cereal Mix (or any oats-quick, steal, Irish, rolled, oat bran etc). I used approximately 60grams.
1 Scoop of Protein Powder (I used WHEY, specifically ULTIMATE NUTRITION'S ISO SENSATION 93 CHOCOLATE FUDGE).
Sweetener (I used Sweet and Low)
Sugar Free Syrup *can be pancake, or Davinci/Torani etc (I used a mix of Walden Farms SF Calorie Free Pancake Syrup and Davinci Sugar Free Coconut Syrup)
PGX Granules and Baking Soda Optional

Mix ingredients together (I did them each individually in little glass ramekin type bowls) so that the batter is blended and not watery. If adding baking soda, ADD EXTRA SWEETENER! Microwave for a minutes and top with sugar free jam!

Vegan protein CAN be used.The entire VEGA line up works well with this, as does Progressive and Genuine Health Vegan Protein. It just alters the texture a little bit!


  1. I really like the benefits of oat meal. It's good for the heart and it also helps prevent certain diseases. Thanks for that recipe by the way.

  2. Thank you for the comment- it is so fast and easy. Often times, I just mix the protein powder with the Dixie Diner's/Baker's Deluxe Hot Cereal, and eat it straight out of the bowl, mixed with sf Syrup and sometimes Greek Yogurt! So healthy and delicious!