Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase for Thrombosis

I have had a few emails regarding Thrombosis, and have had a few clients dealing with this medical issue as well. I was asked if I could recommend any natural supplements to help with the blood clotting. I have had success with a few supplement regiments, however this has to be carefully monitored when combining with prescription blood thinners and medications such as  Warfarin, Heparin and Coumadin (brand name).
I urge anyone who has questions to communicate with their doctors and make sure they don't have any contraindications! Many doctors didn't know what the following two supplements were, whereas other doctors did, and were able to incorporate them into the clients health plan.

Here are two interesting products that merit further research by someone looking for an alternative way to help with Thrombosis (If given the "okay" by your medical team!):

1. Nattokinase: Nattokinase is an isolated enzyme extracted from Natto, and has been found to have blood clot dissolving abilities and prevents the aggregation of red blood cells. It helps with healthy blood flow, cardiovascular integrity and can help maintain cardiovascular and arterial health.
2. Serrapeptase. This is made out of silk work, and works as an enzyme. I have had great success treating joint pain and inflammation with this product. It is safe, effective and has many additional benefits to its use. It has many European studies on it, and induces fibrinolytic, anti-inflammatory and anti-edemic activity. It helps some people manage pain, and can help arterial blockages. Make sure you get a quality product with at least 40000 active units.

As always, I urge you to discuss these options with your doctor. These are not to be taken without supervision when you are already on blood-thinners, as they can further thin the blood and cause internal bleeding. Both of these are natural and have been used safely for thousands of years for a variety of health benefits.

These work well for joint pain and stiffness, and are worth trying if you have no medical conditions that would be exacerbated by these. Nattokinase has been used to improve bone health, as it is full of Vitamin K2.


  1. I have been looking at an alternative for my father, who is currently on Warfarin for blood clotting. The pills upset his stomach, and I would love to find something without so many side effects. I am going to print this out and bring it to his doctor! Thank you so much; there isn't much information out there regarding Thrombosis treatments. Hopefully the dr. allows him to try these. Would you recommend one over the other, or both?
    Thank you!!!

  2. Nattokinase - Nattokinase Products are good source of protein and vitamin B2, which keeps your skin young.

  3. I had a blood clot when I was pregnant with Maya so this info is really fascinating...after dealing with Wayfarin + injections for 6 months I am now off both. But this is great information for preventative measures!

  4. Nattokinase Serrapeptase - Nattokinase and Serrapeptase is intended to providenutritive support for normal, healthy blood flow and circulation.

  5. In the middle of June of this year I discovered that I had a blood clot in one of the superficial veins in my right leg.

    The sono-gram showed that it had blocked the entire vein from my ankle to my knee and was just "tickling" a deep vein (expression used by emergency room doctor to describe the situation to me.) He prescribed six injections of Lovanox (sp?) and a 30-day supply of coumadin along with instructions to visit my doctor within the next two or three days. (This was a Saturday.)

    I saw my doctor on Monday and she told me that since I had started the coumadin to finish the prescription and also gave me some nattokinase with instructions to take them both.

    I went back the next 2 or three weeks in a row to check the clotting factors in my blood. She was satisfied and told me to continue to take one 50 mg nattokinase in the morning and one in the evening as I had been doing.

    When the coumadin was gone she had me take one baby aspirin in the morning and one in the evening along with the nattokinase. To make a long story short, in another couple of weeks I had another sono-gram and they could not find the blood clot at all. The entire thing had disappeared and my vein was restored to normalcy.

    My doctor has had me to continue to take one nattokinase per day, since that time. I am also taking serrapeptase (my doctor OK'd) and doing physical therapy. My body feels like it is getting stronger and I have had no side effects that I am aware of.

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