Friday, July 8, 2011

In the mean time, try this....

Take a scoop of protein powder (I used Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Fudge, Rich Vanilla or Cake Batter), and mix it with unsweetened Cocoa Powder, oat fiber, or something like Fibersmart of 4Fiber and sweetener of choice. You can add Peanut Flour, fitnutz or PB2/Coconut Flour or Almond meal as well!
 Mix this with some melted 70% dark chocolate with a bit of sugar free syrup of flavor drop /extract added and cinnamon.
This can set/freeze into fudge. Add Almond butter if you want.
This will microwave/bake into a flourless dark chocolate cake/brownie (you can add a bit of baking soda or powder if you want and wheat bran.

Also optional, add Genesis Today's Coco Cacao.

If you want to make 'Haystacks', add this to a lot of coconut shreds, fiber one cereal, rice crispies, shredded wheat or wheatabix(SO GOOD-  Barbara's Bakery have no added sugars! Just 100% whole wheat kernels! Kashi makes some called Autumn Wheat and Arrowhead Mills have no added sugar either).

I personally love mixing it into GG SCANDINAVIAN BRAN CRACKER SPRINKLES OR CRISPBREAD. I love this with Millet or Kamut puffs, Nature's Path cereals (Organic O's and Smart Bran are fun! as is their granola, crispy brown rice, Optimum etc), and granola (low fat granola, sugar free granola - you can even crumble up bars, organic), DIXIE DINERS low carb granola or their oatmeal, for crunch, try this with SMAPS or Nutlettes; HI LO cereal, Kay's sugar free cereal, Barbara's Bakery Cereal; living granola; Enjoy Life gluten, dairy and nut free granola or cereal (especially the chocolate crunch granola), LOVE GROWN FOODS (seemingly every Bloggers' obsession) or any sugar free/NSA cereal.
This is so good in oat bran (you can make it into patties/cookies), millet, quinoa

You can pretty much make this into what ever you want, depending on the thickness, and what you mix in! Whatever you do, this is AMAZING!!!

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