Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's About Time! Company and Products Review!



Company Spotlight- ABOUT TIME

Anyone who is a fan of protein powders can understand the excitement of finding new flavors and trying new brands. There is much variability across brands and flavors (as anyone that has tried at least 2 different chocolate flavors can attest to). It is so exciting  finding a brand that emphasizes quality and uses ingredients that aren't full of chemical additives. Therefore, you can imagine how excited I was to try the About Time's products!

ABOUT TIME make a variety of amazing whey protein products that taste great. Besides being chemical, additive and SUGAR FREE, all their products are also 100% cold pressed, micro-filtered whey isolates, and they use stevia as a sweetener! This is great for anyone that is opposed to using artificial sweeteners, doesn't want the empty calories that come with sugar, has medical issues, wants something that is natural, or are watching blood glucose (blood-sugar) levels.

First up, their Protein Powder! These come in a variety of 'styles'-- from a tub, individual packets with 1 serving in them (so convenient and portable), to their pre-portioned "Shake, Fill, and Go" version.

Protein 2 lbs tubs
Whey Protein Isolate
The tubs are 2 lbs, and come in 11 delicious flavors:
- Peanut Butter
- Banana
- Chocolate Peanut Butter *NEW FLAVOR
- Unflavored Whey Isolate * New Flavor
Birthday Cake?! I was so excited to see this flavor, along with the Peaches and Cream, Banana, and Peanut butter! I love cooking/baking with protein- and these made amazing protein cakes, protein pancakes, loaves, muffins, shakes, protein pudding, protein frosties, protein ice cream, protein frosting... I could go on and on. Mixed into rtd sugar free pudding, Greek Yogurt, Cottage cheese, Ricotta... amazing

Fill, Shake, and Go
Shake N Go Bottles

The "Fill, Shake, and Go" containers have individual servings already portioned out in a ready-to-drink container. All you do is add you liquid of choice! These only come in 7 flavors (no peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, or unflavored).

 Single Serve Packages
Single Serve Packets

These are also a fantastic way to try the product, and they are so convenient to carry around in your purse/bag etc! These also come in the 7 flavors, and what I LOVE about these is that you can mix and match flavors, or get a multi pack!
Meal Replacement Bars
These bars are made fresh and as all of their products, contain no artificial ingredients. They are sweetened with Agave Nectar, and are therefore low glycemic. So far these only come in two flavors:
- Carob and Coconut

Each bar contains 21grams of whey isolate and 4 grams of fiber:
I have been trying to suggest they make some smaller "snack" bars around 120-200 calories, and add more flavors.

Lastly, they also have little black athletic t shirts, which I think are adorable.