Thursday, September 2, 2010

CLA RECOMMENDATIONS and Reader Questions Answered!

Thank you for all the feed back on my Supplement Spotlight CLA POST. I had a number of you email and enquire whether I recommend a specific CLA. I will add them to "MY STORE" (so check the link above). Thank you so much for the comments! As for a specific brand, there are many! The main thing is to make sure the proper purity, standardization, and Isomers are included. Allmax has a good Clarinol CLA 90, and they also have a "woman's" version called CLA80 Femme (CLA 80 Femme ), and ALLMAX has a good CLARINOL version: ALLMAX

What you are really looking for is the term TONALIN. Some substandard brands on the marketplace obtain their Conjugated linoleic acid from Sunflower oil instead of Safflower oil. Safflower Oil consists of 80% CLA while Sunflower Oil only provides 40% of active Conjugated linoleic acid.
Click here: TONALIN
Here is a link for CLARINOL CLA: CLARINOL
REMEMBER- it is the DOSAGE and certain ISOMERS THAT MAKE IT WORK: 4 per day! If the product is 80%, and each pill is 1000mg of CLA, than you are only getting 800mg of the active ingredient. Remember that for fat loss, all the tests were done at 3.4-3.6+ grams. Therefore you need to take at least 4 pills!

Here is a link to CLA in general- I was shocked at how many good sales and deals they have! I know the retail prices of these, and these are about 40-60% less than what I've seen/bought them for!

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  1. Not sure of the quality but I get my CLA from Trader Joe's...I have had good luck with their supplements and vitamins and their CLA seems to be pretty good too! And cheaper than Whole Foods.