Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Protein Cake

I remember the first time I made protein cakes. It was 2001, and I had just graduated high school. I had a love of baking, and thought throwing in some protein powder would be a cool idea. Since then I've made thousands, invented every combination imaginable, tried hundreds of different textures, powders, add ins, baking methods. I've made them for clients, seminars, conferences, my client recipe books, and at demos.
They never get old. I am fairly certain I have tried to incorporate protein powder into everything imaginable-- and I am not talking about the obvious baking/cookies/pie/cake/cup cake/bread/muffins/cheese cake/donuts/brownies/bars/toll-house etc (hello Sheppard's Pie topping, puff pastry, pie crust, biscuits, scones, Alfredo, meat patties, quiche and even gravy, breading, rice krispy treats). I actually love the savory ones I made with unflavored whey, curry powder, hot sauce, spices, soy sauce, salsa, nutritional yeast, and stone ground mustard.
I tend to go through phases-- the same thing or food every day, until I switch to a new must-have habit. I used to have them multiple time a day.
I've been making protein cakes almost weekly for the last two weeks. It wasn't planned--I usually eat them "pudding" style when I'm out. I happened to return home when some plans cancelled, and eyed some baking soda on my counter. Since then, my love of protein-cakes has slowly been growing. I love the simple convenience. All you need is powder, sweetener (sweet and low), a bowl, a microwave,baking soda/powder, and some liquid. That is the most basic. Obviously you can add whatever you want--extracts, spices, nuts, fiber of any sort, seeds, any liquid (sugar free pop, soup, syrup, jam, salad dressing, BBQ sauce, mushed up fruit, water, juice, milk, eggs, pumpkin, mashed veggies, cottage cheese, yogurt, ricotta, ice cream, coffee, tea, any spread, melted Popsicle etc), fruit, grated veggies, meat, cheese, marinade, cookies, crackers, stuffing etc.
The simplicity of Vanilla protein powder and cinnamon never disappoint.
I love adding Davinci Sugar Free Syrups (or Torani, Monin, 1883, Walden Farms, ANY sugar free syrup), loads of cinnamon, sweetener, and then enjoying it dipped into a beverage or drenched with more syrup. It never gets old!

This time I used:

I usually microwave each "batch" about 29-33 seconds each. I made about 8 cakes with this.

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