Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pomegranate Cherry Protein Creme

Greek Yogurt is such a multifunctional protein-packed powerfood! You can use to for everything; from baking, to savory, to sweet, to sauces, thickening, stirbfys, in baked goods, in cakes, toppings, as ice cream, dips, spreads, salads, cassaroles, soups, smoothies, pies... name it, and it will work. It has a great texture like full fat sour cream, but has a wonderful, creamy tang to it.
Here is a recipe using some Crystal Light I had left over, a packet of sweetener, and a spoon!

Pomagranate Cherry Protein Creme
Feel free to use this as a topping for a dessert, with granola/cereal/ on its own!
You will need:
1 (or more) containers of GreekYogurt (I used a 500 gram tub of Liberte)
Your favorite flavor of drink crystals (I used Crystal Light Dark Pomegranate Cherry but you can use whatever you want- even juice or tea will work).
A packet of your favorite sweetener or honey (I used 1 packet of sweet and low)

First, decide on what flavor you want. I usually do desert flavors (caramel, chai, chocolate, cookies, toffee etc), but fruit ones are fantastic!
1. Make sure your yogurt is sufficiently chilled. Take it out of the fridge and open.
2. Add your sweetener and stir it in. I had to remove some of my yogurt from the container so I could thoroughly mix in through out. I also like to leave little chunks in the yogurt, because it is so thick.
3. Sprinkle on, or add your drink powder/tea/juice.

4. Stir

5. Add more to taste and keep stirring it in! Feel free to add any add ins you want for crunch or taste (berries, granola, crackers, cookies, cereal, toast, cauliflower, steamed carrots etc)


* Feel free to add some protein powder to this as well! I usually do this, or add protein cakes/muffins to it!

It is billowy, creamy, amazing tasting and has about 36 grams of protein, no fat, no added sugar! Nutrabolics Isobolic in raspberry yogurt would be fantastic, as would strawberry banana, banana, strawberry, mint mocha, mocha, cinnamon oatmeal etc.

Recommendation: I made one with some Tangerine Crystal Light, and it tasted like a Orange Creamsicle!!


  1. i love adding vanilla, cocoa powder, or cinnamon to my plain greek yogurt but i've never added drink mix! what a great idea!

  2. mmmm! i have to get some crystal light (: miss you, lady!