Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cherry Vanilla Raspberry Protein Ice Cream!

As summer rolls around, I find myself craving more fruit type tasting foods as opposed to rich chocolate heavy desserts. I remember as a kid going on bike rides and then stopping for strawberry cheesecake ice cream at the over-priced booth in the middle of the huge national park. I remember those cheap, chemical-laden sugary ice cream cups that you would buy in bulk and came with those 'tongue depressor' wooden sticks/spoons to eat from. I always loved the chemical 'strawberry sauce' drizzle that came ribboned throughout the ice cream. Get ready for some major healthy sinfully delicious food porn....



  1. Put all but 3 ice cubes into the blender.
  2. Add a bit of the thicker SF Vanilla Syrup or extract.
  3. Blend until little 'peaks' start forming on all four corners.
  4. Increase speed, add remaining ice cubes one by one while adding more SF syrups.
  5. Add Walden Farms Jam to the blender while it's blending with a bit of the syrup.
  6. Increase speed again until mixture doubles in size and turns 'milky' creamy in color (the gums/PGX granules help achieve this thickness/texture/volume and 'milky' color. It almost becomes 'mousse-like'.
  7. Pour into a HUGE bowl and enjoy!
* I tried it with Walden Farms SF Apricot Jam today and it was fantastic! It gave it a little 'tang'! Adding a TB of cottage cheese or Greek Yogurt also gave it the tartness of frozen yogurt/cheese cake.


  1. I WANT IT!! How are the PGX granules vs the gums??

  2. Since Maya and I are on a popsicle making kick, this post has given me some good ideas! I need to get some sugar free syrup to add in to the milk and fruit, I bet she would love that!

    I think all of your sequence shots are really cool!!

  3. YUM! This sounds delicious. I definitely want to try this one

  4. delicious and brilliant, darling! :)

    i think this would be really good with blackraspberry & vanilla, too!