Friday, July 2, 2010

Chocolate Brownie Batter

After a wicked 70min elliptical session (7.62miles!) and a wonderful dessert breakfast of my Protein Fiber Pudding, I headed out to go meet my dad! I won't go into details, but it was so nice. I am so grateful to have the family (flawed as they are) that I have. This is the man that has raised me, carried me on his shoulders (while I clutched his eyes in terror), who introduced me to the wonders of lego and climbing trees, who endlessly recounted stories from his childhood over and over- even after he had just finished telling me the same story minutes before. This is the man I waited for every day after school, waiting for him to round the corner on his way home from work, the man who I have admired and looked up to, the man I have strived most to impress and gain acceptance and validation from. I have always felt that if I have my dad in my corner- on my side and agreeing with me, then ALL is right in the world. I guess I will forever be Daddy's little girl. I am infinitely grateful for him and only hope that I can make him proud. I am so lucky and grateful.

Another thing that I am grateful and appreciative for (and has also helped me in my times of need) is my Chocolate Brownie Batter (vegan?). Lame segue? Yes,it's bad, but this my friends, is SO GOOD:

Chocolate Brownie Batter
-Davinci Sugar Free Syrup (From Coconut to Toasted Marshmallow, Cookie Dough)
-Sweetener (sweet and low)
I use anywhere from 4-8 scoops and make sure it's thick!

STIR STIR STIR... I kid you not- this tastes JUST like Brownie Batter. Especially if you use SF Pancake Syrup- the following syrups work well!

This seriously is one of my all time favorite products! You HAVE to try this!!

For a pimped out Protein Version add a scoop of Chocolate Protein powder to the 'batter'.
-Adding Cocoa is also good!


  1. I love the wonderful words about your dad...isn't it true that our dads are the ones we seek the most approval from? I know I definitely do!!

    I am seriously in love with your brownie batter..I have been wanting to try the Amazing Grass products but I am not very fond of their insane price tags! Maybe one of these days, if only so I can try this recipe. :)

  2. I'm the SAME with my dad. We are super close since my mother died when I was thirteen. I too am scarred of the amazing grass price tag, I'll try to come up with a cheaper version