Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kahlua Caramel Chocolate Protein Ice Cream/Shake and GG Bran Crispbread Mess

With the days of summer slowly ebbing us closer to August, I thought I would do an Ode of sort to every ones favorite frozen treat! I have been making 'Protein Ice Cream' since I was 17- when I accidentally added too much ice to my friend's mom's blender. FYI: We had NO idea what we were doing. In fact, I remember it was a Pineapple flavor her mother ordered from some MLM business. Either way, it was amazing. FFWD to present day, and I have been literally making them almost nightly for the past 6 years. Pre-blogging, I used to take pictures just because...
I would show clients and customers with excitement equivalent to showing pictures of a newborn, or a puppy.
Needless to say, I have amassed quite a collection of pictures, recipes etc. I think I'm going to add an entire section devoted to these various flavors and recipes!

Protein Ice Cream Shake Ingredients:
Add ICE, Sweet and Low, Cinnamon, Protein Powder to the Bullet Container. Top 1/2 up with Sugar Free Kahlua Syrup. Add PGX GRANULES or Gums (Guar,Xanthan, etc) and top the rest of the container up with the Sugar Free Caramel Syrup. Screw on lid and BLEND.

* MAGIC BULLET EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS: Stop blending with the top of the bullet blender has that ice layer left and take container and (WITH THE LID ON) hold it chest level and shake it away from yourself (so you move the stuff stuck @ top of the container to the bottom where the blades are)- slowly swishing it. You can open it up and stir with spoon in a bottom to top motion. Add more syrup etc and keep blending until the color turns milky/creamy.

* I have these at night, but adding instant coffee to it in the A.M is so good!

I use 1 cracker PER mini bowl and make about 10 of these per night (a pack has 10 'crackers'- sometimes I use the other half to dump into the ice cream and get all soggy!)

  1. Take GGBran Cracker (or Sprinkles 10g/bowl) and crumble into bowl depending on what texture you want. I like the pieces bigger.

  2. Add Syrup of Choice, Sweetener (1 packet), cinnamon until the bowl  is 1/2 or 3/4 full.

  3. Add 2/3 scoop (or more depending on size of bowl and desired consistency) of the PGX GRANULES.

  4. STIR!

  5. Microwave for about 1 minute.

  6. Take out, stir, add more syrup or granules based on consistency and quantity wanted.

  7. Top with SF Jams, Walden Farms or any SF Pancake Syrup, Protein Ice Cream etc.

  8. Repeat process with remaining crackers!


  1. Wanna have an ice cream date?? ;)

  2. Hee, I like the little bit of cracker stuck into your ice-cream shake.

    Hey, I took your suggestion and finally recreated a dish inspired by my travels! :D