Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wise Choice GG POOF Creative Concoction

It the spirit of being creative, I decided to utilize my WISE CHOICE EXPERT FOODS THICK/NOT THIN Cereal Thickener, GG Scandinavian Bran Sprinkles, and Amazing Grass Chocolate Super Foods to make....well a pretty amazing tasting concoction. The Cereal Thickener has gums and egg whites in it, so I knew that with baking soda it would poof up. I realize it's not the most conventional use (to use it as flour and microwave it to poof up) but whatever....
I swear this tastes AMAZING. I also used Davinci Sugar Free German Chocolate Cake Syrup, Davinci SF French Vanilla Syrup and Walden Farms Pancake Syrup, cinnamon, sweetener and a bit of PGX Granules and Baking Soda.
I mixed numerous servings with the syrups, sweetener and microwaved it.
The Brownie Batter/GG Bran Sprinkle Chocolate Amazingness consisted of:

Amazon doesn't have a link to the Expert Foods Wise Choice Cereal Thickener- just the fudge bar mix (you can use that too) so I linked to Dixie Carb Counters Thickener instead.


  1. Oohh I need to find out more about this cereal thickener! Can you add it to oats?

  2. yes! Anything! I've been using Expert Foods/ Wise Choice for YEARS. They're so interchangable too! The only difference between most of their products are the blends of gums and whether or not they contain egg whites. The Baker's Deluxe/Dixie Diners' products are AMAZING. Seriously. They are all interchangable too! I use the biscuit mix for microwave cakes with Davinci Syrups, or the pizza dough for protein cakes etc. Best orange cran muffin mix EVER! And brownies, cakes etc. Worth checking out!