Monday, February 15, 2010

I have had a ROUGH night. I stayed up too late, couldn't sleep, woke up at 5:50am (it's Family Day today-civic holiday; no work/school and gym has weekend hrs) feeling sore, weak, tired, but anxious. I ate a bag of radishes with the BEST mustard EVER! It's from Natural Value and it is their Organic Whole Grain Stone Ground brown mustard!

Seriously- it tastes amazing. I make it into a 'honey mustard' by adding sweetener. If you want a more apple ciderish one, Eden makes a GREAT apple cider vinegar spiked brown mustard. However, I discovered a NEW apple cider vinegar one when I couldn't find the Eden brand. It is incredible! I didn't like the dominant apple cider taste in the Eden one at first- but it grows on you! I can't find a website for the new mustard but it's called LIFE SOURCE prepared Organic Stoneground Mustard. IT is wheat and gluten free. It is distributed by LifeMax Natural Foods (they have NO website). I did find a picture of their DIJON mustard on a Canadian Favorite site. The Stoneground has a lovely green label. Check it out HERE!

I think the caffeine and thermogenics are slowly kicking in and I need to hit the gym. I will update later!

ps-I can't believe I dedicated an entire post to 2 mustard's! SO not where I thought this would be headed!
pps-ANYONE tried coconut vinegar????

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