Friday, February 19, 2010

Grateful Fridays

Do any of your have a constant 'Blogger' narrative going through your head on a constant basis? I do. Everything that happens, I always think about blogging it in my head. Then I get home way to exhausted! lol

I have decided that every Friday I'm going to write about things I was grateful for this week.

I have been feeling more and more exhausted in the mornings, and hitting up the gym later and later... so not like me.

I signed up for the Olympic Challenge @ my gym, and am set on winning it. With my lack of sleep and stress control (2 of the components you must fulfill), I don't know what my chances are.

I am currently drinking my peach mango Xenergy, slamming back my morning energy concoction and really wanting to get off my ass before I fall asleep at the computer.

I work with the co-worker I LOVE today. It's bittersweet, because she found another job and won't be working with me anymore (just some evenings to help out). There are going to be 4 of us!!! WTF!? But, I am GRATEFUL and really excited to see her! Plus my crazy lawyer friend might be stopping by to pick up some protein today, and I haven't hung out with him in months! He is so busy with a case that starts in March (I'm going to go watch!).


  1. Hey! Did you ever get my emails?? I don't know if it's your email or mine that's acting up! But anyway, the emails said:

    So I stocked up on walden farms products when I went to AZ- I bought the thicknspicy bbq sauce, caramel dip, chocolate dip, blueberry syrup, alfredo sauce, marinara sauce, apple butter, and blueberry jam. So far I love the carmel sauce, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, and bbq sauce! What other products do you recommend? And where do you buy them from?

    Oh, and I'd love any recipe ideas! I was on your site forever last night looking at all your yummy concoctions! Also, what brand of psyllium husks do you buy?

    And, I'd love more information about figure training! You said you coach girls?

    My email is!

  2. Thank you Barbara for your nice comment on Sophia's site. I answered your question over there but in case you don't go back and check it, I've copied it here as well.

    I use to have some resentment towards my parents for our strict upbringing but to be honest, I sort of understood where they were coming from on certain things once Maya (my 4-year-old) was born. Being a parent is SO hard. I think parents just do the best they can. I won’t be AS strict with Maya but I will definitely incorporate some of my parent’s rules into her life too. I’m hoping for a good balance with her. Let’s see if I can make it happen!

  3. lol, totally know what you mean by having a blogger narrative in the head. I have that too, esp when I'm listening to sermons...for god knows what reasons, lol.

    Hope you had fun with your crazy lawyer friend...and sorry your co-worker had to leave! But I'm sure you can still keep in touch!

  4. Hahaha oh my gosh.. I was just thinking about posting about the whole narative thing in my head!
    gets kinda annoying at times!

    xox Vera