Saturday, February 27, 2010



Yesterday was a bad day. Stress ate. Got more and more sick (sinus/congested chest/ head hold/fever).
I got picked up by my weekend friend to run and grab the Emergen C electrolyte mix packets at Community Health Food store.
Ladies, I had a food fiber baby in a MAJOR way. So embarrassing. I look haggard. He decides we should go to the one farthest away (which was fine- it was en route to our fave Superstore, and the Wholesale Warehouse where I stock pile on radishes). Well MAJOR FAIL. They are back-ordered. Of course they are! My favorite Enzymes were also back ordered (Future Formulations Forte) so I grabbed their high fiber enzymes instead (LOVE THIS COMPANY).

It's become a running joke, that everything I like or use will be discontinued, back ordered, out of stock etc. Not kidding. PGX, Holy Basil Tea, 4Energy, Slimquick Extreme (both old and new version), Cytolean (old version), CMI REDCELL....all discontinued. Even Superstore was out of tomato's, mushrooms, pickles and MUSTARD! wtf?

Anyways, I was feeling bloody sick so we decided to leave Community, hit up Superstore, Wholesale Superstore, and then the Community right by my place....

WELL, as we are leaving the parking lot, I see a man walking towards me... IT IS MY DAD! I nearly DIED. Of all the days to let him see me.... I nearly cried. I have a strained relationship with him. It hurts and it is very hard. He constantly says "you're sick, get help, you are in denial, No you are NOT happy and better, you are denying the truth again etc etc.". I looked like a terminally ill person. PASTY white, dark circles, WHITE chapped lips, swollen eyes etc. OMG. It was horrible. I was so upset. I miss him, but I want to be radiant when I see him, not sickly! Of course he uses that to fuel his argument "look at you, you are not taking care of yourself, you are too thin, you need help" etc etc'

Superstore wasn't as fun after that: because they were also out of my PROTILIFE Chocolate Shake mix and Jamieson Electrolyte C packets, and the brand of flu/cold medication I wanted! How random is that?! At least they had Rezistex! These are AMAZING! Grapefruit is so good! Electrolytes, Amino's etc.
I left (after crouching for 30min-no jokes-I'm a label reader/comparing ingredients and cost) with Buckley's Complete Day and Night. I just wanted to knock myself out and sleep.

I got my Natural Value Brown mustard, my packets and some water at Community, and headed home. My meds did not kick in, and my eyes were running like crazy. I also wasn't groggy (I took the PM ones @ 5). I ended up taking 4 PM tabs, and finally slept!
I am off to the gym for a workout (Sunday is the LAST day of the Challenge!) and then errands! I will update my Saturday later!
Love B

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  1. Just found you blog. I love how honest you are when you write. Question: Do you ever worry about the side effects from the amount of artificial/sugar free item you consume. I drink like 10 diet cokes a day and wish I could stop.