Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's been so long!

Good Morning Bloggies!
I am sorry for the absence. I kept meaning to write everyday (even forming my sentences/posts while on the elliptical etc) but never got around to actually writing it for several reasons.
1.These past few weeks have been periods of immense HIGHS and killer crushing LOWS.. My energy truly is zapped.
2. I follow so many blogs that I have been days behind on reading them (sorry for the belated/delayed responses on many of your comments). I feel as though I cannot blog until I have read every ones posts. I realized this morning, that that is ridiculous!

I got 3 new clients. I have been so stressed writing, and re-writing meal plans, grocery lists, supplements, and recipes...I truly wanted to give up.

I was so tired a few weeks ago that I actually didn't go to the gym in the morning! Instead I typed up recipes and plans because I was meeting my client @ 4pm that day. I was SO proud of myself! After work, I thought SCREW IT and went to the gym anyways! I rarely break out of habit, and it felt so good to not freak out, and adapt to the circumstances. I'm glad that I'm breaking my all or nothing mentality.

The BAD:
Work.... I can't even get into it now. I was WRITTEN UP because someones' debit card didn't go through, and I didn't notice and let her walk out with her purchase. I immediately tracked her # down, called her and she came back. Had I not told my manager, and just tracked her down, he would never know.

Irritating co-worker, got the job of assistant manager.... I TRULY can't even think about it. STRESS. My manager has been being truly an asshole- using me as a punching bag. My computer wouldn't save any of my recipe/meal plans/supplement lists in the correct form- meaning my client couldn't open ANYTHING. Luckily, I reformatted, download software etc. I tried to print out some stuff @ the Sugarfree place for a client, but it wouldn't print...AGH.

Today I slept in AGAIN. I am trying to not stress, and planning to hit up the gym after work...
I have so much to tell you, and so many hilarious pictures to show you...
Thanks for the understanding!
Love you all!

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