Friday, February 26, 2010



Where have I been?
Well, busy working on that one clients meal plan, working my butt off at work, working on my Olympic challenge, and fighting off this ridiculous flu that's been going around.

I had to keep postponing my client, because I didn't have his plan finished, my printer wouldn't print without jamming (as in I tried for 2hrs), I couldn't export the documents I had on my friends borrowed laptop to my computer etc. My client doesn't have a printer....

Wednesday I was feeling horrible. My manager had been off for 2 days with a 100degree fever. I could barely walk on Wednesday- but I stayed my whole shift! I got my temp taken and it was 39.4d Celsius, so about 103.5F. Tuesday I ran down IN TEARS- to my apartment office, to ask if I could use their printer. They acquiesced! So I got some stuff printed, which gave me confidence. Wednesday was a different story. Computer crash, I couldn't connect to the Internet to send myself the files from the laptop to my hotmail. I unplugged my modem from the computer, plugged it into the laptop and NOTHING. Keep in mind the office closes at 6pm. It was past 5 at this point. I insert a flash card and NOTHING. My cell phone battery is dying, I am calling my IT computer dad in panic and the line is busy. I text my friend (who lent me the laptop and does IT) but he doesn't respond. I try to print things out on the mini printer he lent me Monday- it won't load, won't print and my computer won't recognize it. I finally get the flash drive to work, replug the internet modem into my computer and get ready to work. The internet CRASHES. At this point, for no apparent reason, my PRINTER crashes! I have a fever, I am dizzy, shaky, with a pounding headache- nothing is done and it is 5:52pm. I finally fix the net, hotmail myself some documents (NO EDITING) and send them. I run downstairs at 6:02 and luckily get it done.
I stayed up all Wed night in a fevered dizzy state editing the papers (I do better editing actual hard copies vs computer) and feel good.

Thursday morning I am SICK. I debate not going to the gym, but go and have a surprisingly nice workout. I get to work re-editing, etc and go downstairs to do the final print in the office. The guy that let me print is not there! I get it done, and ladies..the RELIEF.

He is a scary client- questions everything. He said I left him speechless (there were 2 folders full- about 12 different meal plans, and then a whole 12pg folder with breakfast recipes, 8 of dinner, 4 lunch, snacks etc). We met for 1.5+hrs.

FFWD to now- 6:58am Friday morning. MY throat has white coating on it, my head feels like a vice is crushing it, my fever is back with a vengeance and I feel like death. I also feel like crying (that's the fever talking) and I can't take a sick day because my manager is off today volunteering at his sons school. I am there with the annoying co-worker @ 9:30am. Then the coworker I love isn't in until 5pm and you can't leave someone alone during the lunch rush. Plus I need money. I don't want to go to the gym, but I will....

Sorry for the rant, happy posts that are coherent are to follow!

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