Saturday, August 7, 2010

APRIL 5 DINNER update!

I know this is my second post today...but I couldn't resist posting my dinner!
Layer 1: Romaine, Canned Beans, Green Onions, Tomatoes, Orange Bell Pepper, Mushrooms
Layer 2 (pic on right) microwaved green, yellow and seasoned green beans, more Shrooms, green onion, tomato, green onion , Davinci Blueberry, spices and mustard:
Extra bowl of Romaine which I keep adding on top with dressing and mustard. Last pic both bowls (dinner and supplemental lettuce adding bowl)! SO GOOD!


  1. that's a LOT of greens! I suppose it made for an easy poop, too. Haha, sorry, that's just the way I think...

    I hope you had some carbs in there, too! ;-)

  2. lol- Hello Sophia!
    I suppose it seems like a lot of greens, but if you read my April 5 (Monday) earlier post, you would've seen I had my major post dinner dessert carb loving. An entire 10slice package of my Bran Crispbread crumbled, drowning in syrup, cinnamon, PGX granules (give it a cream of wheat texture) and microwaved to perfection. MMMMmmmm. Thanks for the keen colonic observation, but if anything makes one poop, it would be the BRAN crackers/cookie cereal things!

  3. Hi ProteinGirl,

    I posted a bit ago, but I'm not sure it worked. I was wondering if you could post your recipe for the protein ice creams/puddings/smoothies you make??? Everything you create looks so delicious and healthy! Keep it up, I'm lovin' it!


  4. Rachel- Hi and thank you for the comment! I never received anything before! I also don't know how to reach you! Do you have an email address/blog? I couldn't find you on Bebo either! The recipes are in MOST of the posts (ingredients) and especially in the older ones when I first started blogging (especially protein cakes- 10 a day). I NEED to get some recipes up!

  5. My email is I did have a blog on here but it became hard to keep up. I was curious about the amounts of the ingredients for the recipes. My smoothies don't come out as thick as I'd like without having ice chunks in it.