Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cumin Curry Turkey Meatballs

I realize that I don't normally post my meals anymore (When I started, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks made a regular appearance) but I thought I'd post some 'non dessert' type recipes upon request from this girl. For a look back at my dinners, click HERE and for a GREAT COOL TOMATO CORN GAZPACHO SOUP Recipe CLICK HERE. I will be posting dinners again etc, but for now I give you:

Cumin Curry Turkey Meatballs


3 Tbs cilantro,
3 Tbs dill,
3 Tbs parsley,
12oz extra lean ground turkey
1 cup minced onion
 2 egg whites

Mix all ingredients together thouroghly and form into meatballs (or any shape you want!) and put on baking pan. Bake in 400F oven for 15min or until cooked. This is great served with a cool Yogurt/Curry dipping sauce or Tzatziki!

These are equally good with Lamb, Venison, Bison, or Buffalow meat! For a Vegetarian version, swap meat with lentils, beans, oats, quinoa, bulger or soy crumbles!

You can also cook these on a pan! I like to add Chicken/Vegetable Broth/stock, Salsa, Greek Yogurt, tomatoes and onions and simmer the meatballs in it!

I made this recipe as part of my meal plan recipe book for a client- hence no picture taken!


  1. Yum those sound great! What do you eat them with?

  2. I love this! The meatballs look so damn good! Super juicy and I love the sauce they're swimming in. :)

  3. oh my gosh!!!! sounds delish!!!!!! :D