Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Reasons To Eat Protein Rich Yogurt!

Another Reason To Eat Yogurt!

Besides being an amazing snack, there seems to be a lot more benefits to eating yogurt than just taste! Many are weary of yogurt- either thinking it is too high sugar/carb or at the opposite end, thinking it is 'diet' food.

Well, Researchers recently studied the hunger curbing effects of yogurt. They discovered that the subjects that ate yogurt with 8g of protein and 3g of fiber per serving, had a 76% reduction in hunger (appetite) as compared to those who ate a calorie-matched yogurt on another day. They found that 2hrs after eating the PROTEIN RICH yogurt, the subjects ate less food at lunch. The Yogurt used in this study isn't available in North America yet- only Europe- where they honestly have THE BEST YOGURT SELECTIONS (it was Danone Shape Lasting Satisfaction Yogurt-FYI)- but that doesn't mean we can't make our own!
Greek Yogurt (or any no-sugar added) works with adding some Fiber (if you like fruity flavors, try ReCleanse Apple Berry Fiber) or add a Fiber Supplement to it. I love adding protein powder, or blending in cottage cheese to up the protein intake! This is another reason to add fiber cereal/vitamuffins/high protein cereal to amp up the fiber too! Granola is another fantastic option- aim for low sugar, high fiber (Dixie Diners, Fiona,Sensato Foods ,Flax Z Snax ) or low carb granola!

Try adding some raspberries ( 8g fiber per cup!) or other high fiber fruit (Blackberries 7.6g/cup, apple 4.4, avocado has 13.6g/cup)! Grating an apple into the Yogurt with Cinnamon, and sweetener is AMAZING!!! TRY IT!
I say bring on the parfait glass, amazing protein ice cream, protein cakes etc! Besides tasting amazing, you are getting probiotics, protein, carb and fiber in a healthy snack!

I recommend making Faux Protein Yogurt Frosting.
- Yogurt
(if you have time- blend it! It gets airy!- and for 'tang' add WF Mayo, cream cheese, cottage cheese etc)

I leave you with a $20 worth of Giant White Mushrooms. I eat them all day, everyday! Great way to add bulk, and vitamins!

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