Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hey Guys.
This has been such a crazy month. It is no secret that some extremely unpleasant circumstantial events have occurred in my life. Events beyond my control, that have unfortunately impacted my sense of self-worth, my identity, my confidence, and left me shattered, broken, scared and overwhelmed. I have turned into an anxious mess. I realize that my decisions alone dictate my behaviours- not my conditions. As Viktor Frankl said: " Between stimulus and response, lies man's power to choose". I have been choosing to stay optimistic, and keep moving forward. I don't want to lose my focus, my drive, my discipline. Frankly, this has left me a little lost. It is all in how you perceive things, and in how YOU respond. My actions are mine alone. So I am working on distracting myself. On learning, on growing and on figuring out what I want to do. I may have some big news on Tuesday, but until then I have 3 clients and am so stressed out.

As you all know, I believe that there is no 'ideal' diet. Strictly from a Biochemical perspective, our cellular metabolisms are so different. What I may be deficient in, or what I need is vastly different from another person. Thus, I believe in customizing each and every diet to tailor it to not only my clients goals and needs, but also (and very importantly) to suit their lifestyle. If it doesn't "flow" with their habituated patterns, they're not going to stick to it for long. Which is why introducing incremental changes is the best method I've found to maintain life long success. You've got to keep evolving, adapting and working to better yourself and your life. Unless you need a goal specific result NOW, I tend to gradually 'tweak' and adjust the diet/supplement regime every 2-6weeks.

I thought I'd post one "diet" meal plan up, just for the sake of it! COMMENTS WELCOME! This is for a male trying to "Lean Out".

MEAL PLAN Supplements Highlighted in Blue

Meal 1 (7am):

1 scoops of whey (30g of protein) (or 2 Eggs/2 Whites)
1 cup of oatmeal (optional tsp SALBA)
1 tbsp nut butter or 2 Eggs and 2 Egg Whites
1/2 banana, berries or orange.
1 serv. fish oil
1 Multi *Vitabolic
. (meal 1 and 3)

Meal 2:
1/2 Cottage Cheese or:
Low Carb Shake or bar (200 cal),
11 almonds
or Hummus and Veggies and 1/2 pita.
2 Capsules Green and White Tea

Meal 3 LUNCH:

6 oz chicken breast or lean protein source
1 tsp olive oil
2/3 cup brown rice, chick peas or other carbohydrate (sweet potato, Quinoa etc)
1 cup veggies
Salad (unlimited vegetable list)
1 Multi

Meal 4 (2:30-3):Afternoon Snack: Protein Shake/bar (light bar- such as Isofemme Almond Delight, Pure Protein, Myoplex Light, Snack size Oh Yeah, Zone) 200cal.
- Hummus/pita and veggies
-1/2 banana and Almond Butter
-11 Almonds
-1/2 cottage cheese and 1/2 fruit
- 1/2 of a regular meal replacement bar (Protein 32, Supreme, Isoflex etc).

2 Green and White Tea capsules.
2 scoops Superpumped or N03 overload/ Black powder (pre workout formula).

During workout:
6 scoops of Xtend or Intrabolic

Meal 5: After workout:
Protein Shake 40g protein with Carb source.

Meal 6:
6 oz chicken breast cooked (or 5oz Salmon, 4oz lean beef, turkey or shrimp)
1tsp olive oil
2/3 cups brown rice, Quinoa or other "allowed" Carb.
1.5 cups steamed vegetables of choice (broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower etc)
Large Salad- Balsamic, Salsa, mustard etc.
Fish Oil Capsule

Meal 7 10pm:
Sludge  w/ fiber added (protein + nut butter)
1/4 cup of almonds or Walnuts (8-11)
1/2 Cottage Cheese or
Casein Shake "pudding".
I have a client who WILL NOT cook or do meal prep. He eats out 24/7 due to work. Obviously this is a rough guide for him. Subway, Deli, Wraps, etc are all an option as well. It's difficult, as he wants EXACT TIME,PORTION,FOOD DESTINATION etc. Therefore, I can't have him making scrambled eggs, protein oats, pancakes etc at home.

Have a great week and please keep me in your thoughts this week! It's been really rough (without going into detail).


  1. Everything looks yummy... my kind of diet!! You should post one for a female.. I'd love to read!

  2. Thanks April! I appreciate the feedback and I will DEFINITELY post more stuff soon. I developed a "metabolic reset/shift" diet that I am quite excited about!

  3. That's such a well balanced diet. Your client's needs are super tough. Good luck girlie!