Sunday, August 1, 2010

Amazing Chocolate Honey Bowl

Nature's Hollow was kind enough to send me a few of their sugar free products to try. Many of you know that I am opposed to added sugar in products ( if you understood what it does to your brain and immune health/cells you would be outraged). Yes, I am aware we NEED glucose to function and that Honey has many health benefits. I plan on posting a permalink to the many dangers of hidden sugar, and how they react in the body. Until then, I wanted to post my latest creation!

I combined my ALL TIME FAVORITE Greens Product with a little Nature's Hollow Honey! I love that they do not use Maltitol (hello laxative effect, gas, bloating and stomach pain) and use Xylitol instead! You can read about the health benefits of Xylitol here and here.

Amazing Chocolate Honey Bowl:

1. Mix however many servings of the Chocolate Amazing Grass Superfoods powder as you want in a bowl with Nature's Hollow Honey Substitute.
2. Mix together.  Add a bit of water or liquid or more honey until you reach desired consistency.
3. Spread on break, protein pancake, protein cake, cracker, oatmeal, parfait, as a topping on a brownie, banana bread or straight out of the bowl like I did. Dip strawberries etc!!! YUM


  1. Oh what a great idea!! I've never been a big fan of the amazing grass on their own, but I bet it'd be extra good when they are mixed together!

  2. That syrup sounds interesting - my first thought was that Maltitol was used. I've always wondered if Xytol was "good" for you or's always so tricky - I never know if sugar-free is actually "good" for you or not...

    I bet those syrups aren't in Canada though where I live :(.

    Nice blog! Thanks for commenting on mine!