Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dinner and Dessert

I often get asked what I eat for dinner, as I normally post Breakfast/Snack/Dessert or Post Workout recipes. Although this is not exactly what I eat at night (the only thing missing is my 908g bag of DOLE CHOPPED ROMAINE), it is pretty close. I really love dinner time, and look forward to it daily! I sometimes alternate between a bag of broccoli slaw or shirataki noodles, and always add at least 2 cans of yellow/green beans.
My staples include:
Dole Romaine 908g bag
Sushi Nori Sheets (at least 7+)
Canned Green Beans

I was out of my Romaine, so instead I changed it up a bit and added a 340g bag of microwaved (with low sodium soy sauce) Cauliflower, a bag of Broccolislaw, 2 cans of green beans, cucumber

I thought I'd do a picture step-by-step type lay-out. I also decided to keep it Vegetarian and Vegan (I often get asked for ideas).
Excuse the spice/dressing laden glass bowl! As a base, I used 1 bag of Mann's Broccolislaw. I microwaved it with seasoning, and a bit of Walden Farms Asian Dressing.

While I was microwaving the Broccolislaw, I made my 'Cucumber Dessert Salad'.
This one had 2 Cucumbers, a packet of Sweetener, Crystal Light (or any low cal drink mix), and
I separately microwaved the Cauliflower with someLow Sodium Soy Sauce.

Next I chopped up my tomatoes, and got my Shrooms ready for "Dippage".

Once the Broccoli Slaw was done, I added the Cauliflower, 1 can of Green Asparagus Style Beans, 1 can of yellow cut beans, a ton of Mrs. Dash, and Johnny's Jamaica Me Crazy Seasoning Salt.

I dumped the tomato, and shrooms on top (I eat them separately, and dip them into my home-made Mustard Dipping Sauce).

I counted about about 7+ Nori Sushi Sheets:

I always use these as a 'mini wrap' every night. Nori is chalk full of Trace Minerals!
I usually take each sheet, fold it in half and rip it. I then fold the 2 halves together into 3's (accordion style) and rip it, so I have 6 mini pieces per 1 sheet of Nori. I then fork some of the food into the Nori, and eat it. I keep a bottle of Mustard with me, which I liberally squirt as I get deeper into the bowl (Mustard+Sweetener= HEAVEN! Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce). I normally add green onions etc, but hadn't done my grocery shopping!

Of Course I had dessert after, which was my packet of Chocolate Protishake made into 2 huge bowls of Protein Ice Cream, and my Pack of GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread/PGX mixture.

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