Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coupon mistake

Yesterday was horrible, and I am NOT over dramatizing. I almost lost my job, and still do not know where I stand over the stupidest mistake ever. I used a coupon CODE at work which was mailed out to buy Vit D for $1.99. I BOUGHT the bottle with my employee discount and the coupon code worked (it usually tells you if the code won't work) so I got it for $1.74. I bought 3 of them because I was so excited. The manager printed off the coupon that was sent through the emailing list to customers. I did not have the Coupon PHYSICALLY on me (nor did I have it 3 separate times). This is considered theft by the company.
He was so angry at me, he was shaking and restraining himself from freaking out. Guys, it was so scary. All I can say is I was numb all day yesterday.
He took back my key and he is waiting for Loss Prevention to tell him what to do. They consider it THEFT.
It was stupid- but THEFT? I paid for the stupid pill bottle. I am glazing over this, but it has been 2 of the worst days of recent history.
I cannot lose my job. The coupon did not say anywhere 'Employee's' cannot use. It did say limit one per customer. 1 purchase only. I bought 3.
I feel like I have given myself an ulcer.
I will never forget him restraining himself says " AM.I.MAKING.MYSELF.FUCKING.CLEAR'.
Of course, the other co-worker got an apology and he is treating her kindly.
I am in tears just thinking about this. Why did he take my key away? I just want to print the stupid coupon off 3 times. I wish he waited before calling loss prevention.

I also forgot to post the 'money shot' from Sunday! The Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free Shelf:

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