Saturday, June 19, 2010

Protein Egg Bake Crunch

- Egg whites (I used about 290g)
-Sweetener (I used Sweet and Low)

I seperated the Egg Whites into 2 seperate bowls so I could make 2 seperate Egg Crunch Bakes.

1. Mix Egg Whites with Sweetener,Chocolate Syrup/ Dip, cinnamon and Protein Powder
3. Mix the Bran Crackers in the Egg white batter
4. Microwave until it poofs up (1min max)

Add second half of Egg White Batter, microwave, and top on first (over the jam so it melts).
Top with remaining GG Brancrispbread crackers (crushed) and whatever syrup you have on hand.

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