Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday Recap

Hello Everyone!
I had a more relaxed workout at the gym this morning; still upped my time to 60min but didn't push myself or crank the intensity. I ended up doing 64min 34seconds to round out at 7miles.
I slowly meandered my way home and had my Protein Fiber Pudding made with Allmax's Isoflex Vanilla Isolate, Fibersmart, and Davinci Sugar Free Coconut syrup.
I also ate my MUSHROOMS, 2 packs of 500g Radishes dipped in my homemade 'Honey Mustard" and Celery. I also ate an unpictured Protilife Chocolate Pudding that I made.

I got picked up and my friend and I headed to the Cheap Theatre to go see 'How To Train A Dragon'- BEST MOVIE EVER! So touching, funny and a great message!

I was SO excited to go exchange my Magic Bullet Single Shot for a NEW ONE! There is something so calming and RIGHT and GOOD and reassuring about Kitchen Appliances that are new! lol.

After that we headed to Costco to go exchange my rotting Celery, and I saw the VITATOP 12 pack there for the first time! SO EXCITING!

Ironically- if you guys remember my rant about NOT finding the Mini Peppers?- they had them:
Ironically, I DIDN'T GET THEM! I don't know what is wrong with me! lol

I also got another book to review!

I made dinner when I got home and for dessert I made my nightly Protishake and GG Scandinavian Bran Cracker Mess! However, this time I used my new and not used for over a year Oster 12 Speed Blender because I wanted to see how well it blends. It definitely DOES THE JOB! Get ready for some Smoothie In A Bowl, Protein Ice Cream Magnificence!

This was in the blender with crappy lighting- sorry

I had it with my pack of Bran Crisp Bread

I also indulged in the last of my Atkinson Sugar Free Chick-o-Stick's and Peanut Butter Bars! I had 8 and OMG this is heaven! GET THEM NOW!!!!
Chick-O-Sticks are crunchy peanut butter and toasted coconut sticks made by Atkinson Candy.

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  1. The toasted coconut sticks look amazing! I am doing well. Thanks for checking in.