Sunday, June 6, 2010

Battles with my Refrigerator

For the past 2+ months my fridge has been FREEZING EVERYTHING. And I mean Everything! Bags of Romaine- frozen and spoiled. Cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower, green onions, mushrooms etc. You guys know I live off of produce and my fridge is loaded to the max with fresh veggies. I have had to throw away $100's of dollars worth of  produce- even trying to encorporate the once frozen and now thawing and slimy lettuce and veggies etc into my meals. Trust me- I hate wasting. If I can scrape it, cut around it etc, I will.

I have been fiddling with the temperature control, setting the dial lower and lower to see if it would help. I have been googling possible options until 3 am. I was afraid the compressor was broken etc. My apartment fridge is beyond ancient. Like 1980s ancient. I thought my freezer was screwing it up, I had too much in it etc.
I finally got fed up because my temp dial doesn't say anything, other that 1-8 and MAX. I googled myself to death and got conflicting answers as to my temperature dial. Most were 1-warmest 8-coldest. MAX obviously the coldest. Others explained that the numbers correspond to the degrees.

Well- I finally realized that 1 is the COLDEST and 8 is the WARMER setting. Why would they put MAX as the MAX HEAT? It is a refrigerator- it is supposed to refrigerate (ie COOL) things! Max should be COLDEST.

I need to figure it all out, because I have an over abundance of soggy, thawing, rotting veggies in my fridge now.

Yesterday I got the book 'LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN' by Colum McCann and Friday I got as a gift 'The Shadow Effect".

I realize that this post isn't really health/food related, but I just wanted to type something. I think I am becoming depressed again- this is something that I have struggled with my whole life. The sun is OUT and it is beyond gorgeous outside. I mean post card weather gorgeous. Sunny, bright, warm...
I feel lost and stuck and low and sad. Anxious and overwhelmed.
I must change my thought pattern because this is not good.
Please keep me in your thoughts!

I hit up the gym for my daily 54min cardio and watched the Food Network's "I Do: Let's Eat" and the beginning of "Ultimate Recipe Showdown". I technically didn't 'watch' but stared at the screen at times. I love Ultimate Recipe Showdown! I don't have the Food Network at home, but if I did I would never leave my apartment! I should come later to the gym on Sunday's so I can watch the entire epidose!
I am currently munching on celery sticks (a whole Costco sized pack 2.5lbs)
Copious amounts of mushrooms etc dipped into mustard and making a FIBER PROTEIN PUDDING MESS!
I'm most likely going to end up microwaving some with baking soda.

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