Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Protein Cream Cheese Strawberry Banana Dip/Spread: RED WHITE AND AMAZING Canada Day Recipe

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 Protein Strawberry Banana Cream Cheese Dip/Spread

A healthy high protein Cream Cheese you ask? This has been one of my favorite protein enhanced recipes! You can also make this using QUARK OR BAKER'S CHEESE. Feel free to play around!

- Fat Free Philedelphia Cream Cheese (or any fat free Cream Cheese type spread or Tofutti)
- Bio X Nutrition Strawberry Banana Power Whey Isolate
- Splenda/Sweet and Low (or Sweetener of choice)
- Mashed Strawberries/puree or sf puree/jam

* Optional- pureed strawberry/raspberry, sf jams (Smucker's, Polander, ED SMITH), 1/2 Cottage Cheese, Quark, Baker's Cheese or Greek Yogurt to change texture! Smooshed blueberries, mullberries etc
-You can mix in Cool Whip Zero (OR WHIP CREAM) marshmallow fluff/cream etc
- Add some Strawberry Yogurt
-Add Sour Cream
- Lemon juice
- Shredded Coconut
- Blend in some SUGAR FREE FUDGE/Chocolate sauce
- Cocoa (unsweetened)

BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND, refrigerate or serve immediately

-Add tofu (silken) or a bit of Mayo for tang.
- This makes a GREAT FRUIT DIP, Icing/ Frosting, Oatmeal/ Hot Cereal stir in, bagel topping, fruit salad/dessert dip, PARFAIT TOPPER (with crunchy cereal)
- Natural Food Colouring adds fun colors!
-Sprinkles (yes, I am reaching for this one)
- Great on Protein Muffins, Cakes, Cup cakes, Fruit Pizza etc


  1. I'm sadly not a fan of cream cheese, you thing greek yogurt would work? This sounds soooo yummy. If I made it a little runny, this would totally be an awesome, protein packed fondue!

  2. O, I just realized my old blog is on your blogroll (nutritious junk) maybe u should replace it with my new one :)

  3. I love cream cheese and never thought to use protein powder to make a dip. What a fabulous idea.