Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Monday morning...

I can't believe it is monday ALREADY. I advocate a 3 day weekend. I always say that Saturday is your 'first' real day off, when you don't have to get up and work and you slowly ease into relaxing. Sunday you tend to procrastinate and stress simutaneously because on one hand you want to enjoy your self and on the other you are rushing to make the best of it because tomorrow you will be back in the grind. You also try to do all your errands for the week and get everything done. So I personally, end up WAY more stressed. Monday should be called 'Sunday 2" and be an actual day of R&R. Feeling blah again today, but a bit more positive. I've definitely been struggling with some depression lately.

So tired, but on my way to the gym for cardio. I really want to lose that last 8 lbs. I cut up some healthy snacks to eat at work, plus I also have a container of Chinese Cabbage to munch on, and Safeway canned whole wax beans.
I seem to have a penchant for Red peppers lately. So yummy!


I did my cardio, and made it through work (barely), then went to grab some scandinavian crisp bread, my protilife (vanilla this time) and 1.5scoops of Isoflex Vanilla Protein for my protein cheesecakes. I ate 2 packages of the suichoy cabbage, and tons of sushi seaweed sheets, some jello and went to lie down. Dinner was my normal tuna noodle salad casserole.

My protein 'cakes' and my protilife creamy thick shake with crushed GG Scandinavian crisp bread on top.

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