Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

After stopping at 4 pharmacies yesterday, I finally left with enough gravol to get me through the week. I made it to the gym this morning, and did my normal 52min cardio workout on the elliptical. I bought 7 cases of GG Scandinavian Crisp Bread, and a 390g bag of Baker's Deluxe Hot Cereal Maple flavor and stashed it in my gym locker. I immediately started eating baby carrots (454g bag) the bran crisps and the cereal, which I left cold and just added water. I also drank a powerade zero during my workout to ward off potential light headedness. Unfortunately, I started feeling queasy and dizzy AGAIN. So I ended up having 7+ servings of the cereal (630 cal) and 8 of the fiber bran crackers made thick like granola. Still felt sick. At work I ate more carrots (189cal) , and then I had 2 servings of Elite Dymatize 12 hr protein in rich chocolate (eaten thick like pudding- 129cal *2=258cal), another bran cracker, and I had a protilife chocolate shake packet (60cal) made thick like pudding with copious amounts of PGX granules stirred in. I then went to safeway to grab some cucumbers, tomatoes, canned wax beans and sf jello. I wanted to binge on the instant hot cereal all day. Such sugar cravings. I ate 2 cucumbers (115cal) at home with bamboo shoots (60cal) and crystal light (it tastes fantastic), another shake, Popsicles, sf candies, and for dinner I am having 2 cans of wax beans (35cal each), 1 284ml can of Bamboo shoots (60cal) , can of tuna (83cal), a whole bag of lettuce (44cal), and about 10 sushi seaweed nori sheets (100cal) into which I stuff it all and eat it like a wrap. I also have sf ready to eat jello (10cal), a Roma tomato (25cal), 1/2 red pepper (25cal), and green onions (30cal).

This is definitely NOT a blood sugar issue. One another related note, I officially weigh 110lbs which is 10 lbs higher than my normal. It's from stress eating and eating over 3100 cal for the last few weeks. This dizziness isn't helping, because it freaks me out and I just don't care and stuff my face in an attempt to stabilize my blood sugar (which isn't the issue)- so I'm gaining like crazy and feel horrible.

I've unsuccessfully tried to make an appointment for a walk-in clinic to get a blood test done, but apparently there aren't any clinics near me, and the 2 that are have a 4hr wait time, and it's critical care. So frustrating!!!

Off to go chop veggies...

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