Friday, June 19, 2009

My morning 'Rise and Shine' powder which I add to my Xenergy in the morning.My cucumber/crystal light, bamboo shoot/lemon juice, sweetner, and jello salad.
2 300g packs of Sui Choy, 6 huge leaves of Chinese Cabbage, can of yellow wax beans, can of bamboo shoots, asian dressing, mustard and 7 sheets of Nori Seaweed sheets.
I think taking the ibuprofen and gravol everynight, and immediately post workout is why I am so spaced out and groggy lately. I made it through my workout, got to work, and left in about 50min with a headache and exhausted. Got home and ate the above, plus 255g of baby carrots, 1/2 red pepper, 1 serving of my instant Baker's Deluxe cereal, and 4 GG Scandinavian Crisp Breads (which I am counting as 32cal a slice, not 12= 7carbs, 1g protein= 8g*4cal/gram=32)

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