Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday eats and treats

I barely slept last night (possibly due to the fact I had Lewis Black's CD on repeat all night) and woke up groggy, and in a coma. Ate some bran crisps and my morning rise and shine drink, my energy drink and somehow arrived at the gym. I felt so calm and felt OK with taking it easy. I actually had a pleasant workout, when I firmly believed I'd be too weak/tired/stiff and sore! Work was decent. I had my typical greens+bran crisps+Baker's Deluxe Hot Maple Cereal (unheated of course) post workout snack (MOST AMAZING TASTING GREEN THING EVER), and then ate 1/2 red pepper, can of bamboo shoots, can of wax beans, shirataki noodles and miso soup at work. I had a fantastic crystal light, blueberry syrup with 2 cucumber salad as my 5pm snack, and then made 8 protein cakes with Chocolate Allmax Isoflex using sf caramel,vanilla and blueberry syrups. Dinner was FANTASTIC. My Gigantic tuna/shirataki/veggie/seaweed/red pepper, Roma tomato, pickle, cucumber, canned beans and bamboo shoot salad-casserole!!! I also had my chocolate protein shakes with 3 GG Bran crisp breads and sf strawberry jam and sf pancake syrup all over them.

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  1. get better sleep tonight girl! glad you had a good workout :)