Saturday, July 25, 2009

Should be a nice day!

A quick Saturday morning update: My joints are in a world of pain! I don't know if this is because I took yesterday off from working out (that always happens to me- my legs get stiff and week). Or if it is because of the mono? Eitherway, I have taken a extra strength Ibuprofen and AM going to the gym. I feel so lazy. I'm so excited to have my 12hr Elite protein Vanilla today!!! Of course I'm making it into a custard like pudding!

I am devouring another jar of Salsa (Restaurante style Old Dutch) with Chinese Cabbage leaves, Romaine leaves and crackers. I think I have a SLIGHT food/salsa addiction!

I'm most likely going to go see Food Inc this afternoon with a friend, and picking up some groceries (Romaine is on sale for $0.67!!). I took my Branched Chain Amino Acid powder and extra Glutamine (the glutamine was for immunity, digestive health and recovery of muscle tissue) but I guess it didn't help much?!!

Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? Has anyone seen the fabulous preview for the movie "Mr.Despicable"?? SO FUNNY. comes out next year, go to quicktime and watch the trailer!

I'm about to try my Amazing Grass Green SUPERFOOD! In berry. I only got sent 2 chocolate superfoods, so I want to save those. In a small bowl I added 4 pumps of Davinci sugar free Blueberry syrup and the pouch and am now stirring it up thick (like pudding and when mixing PB2).

I know it looks horrible! It's the syrup color mixed with the berry superfoods.

SO FREAKING AMAZING! It has great texure to it! I have to try the unflavoured one too! I have now devoured 3/4 of the AMAZING MEAL original with the blueberry syrup, and the unflavored superfoods.

This is the unflavored original Amazing Meal with the blueberry syrup and the amazing superfood unflavoured thrown in for kicks. YUM. Sorry about the crappy pictures. I can't wait to try the chocolate!


  1. hey girl you gotta REST!! espesh if you have mono! you could seriously injure yourself working out an having mono especially the pressure on your organs!

    awesome amazing grass package :)

    and to answer your question! i rarely workout at my gym that I work at because it's a mainly class/cardio gym with not very good weights. It's an all womens gym and I just love the vibe of the gym I workout in. I do usually workout at the gym I work at on Saturdays because I'm there all day but normally I just workout early at my hometown gym :)

  2. IF you have mono you should rest! I had it and felt SOSOSOSO awful! Sleep sleep sleep:):

  3. I just got a giveaway award of Amazing Grass too! The chocolate flavor one...I'll be giving them my first try tomorrow!

  4. Awh, I hope your joints start to feel better soon!