Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday picture recap

My fabulous 'HughJass' salad consisting of:
Bell Peppers, Roma tomato, Red leaf and Romaine Lettuce, Pickles, Cucumbers, Tuna is broth (so good!) and spaghetti Tofu Shirataki on the bottom, with 1 Can Bamboo Shoots, 1 can whole wax beans, and salt/pepper with Walden Farms Marinara Sauce, a bit of Honey Dijon on top, mustard, maple syrup and Walden Farms Sweet Jersey Onion dressing. I also had 8 seaweed sheets with it as wrappers (as evidenced by the picture- when I went to grab some they were out of my half cut!).

Protein Cakes #1: Using Allmax Isoflex's Peanut Butter Chocolate Whey Isolate.

Made with Davinci Gourmet Sugar Free Blueberry Syrup and Walden Farms Strawberry Jam.

Made with a mix of DaVinci's SF Vanilla and Caramel Syrups, some cinnamon, and fiber husks.

Protein Cakes (Money Shot) #2. I used all the peanut butter flavored protein, but these were made with the sf cherry syrup, vanilla, and Sf Maple Pancake syrup. AMAZING. And I had my chocolate smoothie too.

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  1. mmm I loveee protein cakes! so easy to make and delicious!