Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No gym

I've been on a steady, daily workout kick for months and finally decided I need to take a break today. I am actually debating going, and having weird feelings of guilt and anxiety either way. I know I probably could get a decent workout it, but I also know my body needs a break. I am so tired all the time. I had a GG Scandinavian crisp bread broken up, doused in sf pancake syrup and microwaved for 20sec. It's so warm, soft and good! I find that it helps my stomach from feeling acidy in the morning. I then had some greens, and am now eating tuna, canned beans, and an orange bell pepper with seaweed wrappers and salt/pepper.

Sorry for the bad picture- cell phone camera.
Lately I have been OBSESSED by the new Bullet Express 8 minute meal maker. Have you guys seen it? I want it so so bad! It's made by the same ppl who make the magic bullet, but it does EVERYTHING. I also love the Health Master Emulsifier. I want them both!!!
I'm hoping taking a rest day from the gym will give me enough of a break and energy to make it through my day. I left after 3.5hrs yesterday. So bloody tired!!!

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