Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday fun

Woke up early, had some Perfect Food and Xenergy, 4Energy, and vits and headed to the gym not knowing what to expect... GREAT WORKOUT! Was on such a high afterwards. I then had my normal post workout fare: Greens+Multi+Vanilla, with Scandinavian Crisp Bread and water. I headed to work, and devoured 2 cans of whole wax beans, 1 cucumber,1/2 a red pepper and baby carrots.

After work I cancelled an appointment, and headed to the gym instead and instead of just grabbing my protein for the night (protein cakes) I decided to relax and bike for 40min. I was a bit light headed so I had 2 GG scandinavian crisp bread, and another scoop of the greens. After the workout I grabbed my protein (BioX Power Whey Iso in Vanilla today) 3 crisp breads, and my packet of protilife.

Had my cuc salad, my protein cakes, and my thick delicious chocolate shake with crumbled crispbread and sugar free pancake syrup on top, and then proceeded to a wonderful dinner:

Romaine, Shiritaki Noodles, Bamboo Shoots, Canned Wax Beans, tuna, salsa, green onions, 1 roma tomato, 1/2 a red pepper, mustard and Walden Farm's Thick'n'spicy BBQ sauce. I had 7 seaweed sushi wrappers with it, and finished off with some sf Mr.Freezies.

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