Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, but wishing it was FRIDAY!

Before I post some pictures of today's food, I wanted to wish Sarah from LovInMyTummy all the best with whatever she decides to do in the future. You will be truly missed!! Sarah, thanks for the joy, laughter, love and perspective you have brought to the entire blogging community. Thank you most of all for letting us see a piece of your wonderful life, and letting us get to know you and your fabulous family (amazing husband, and beautiful daughters). It was so nice of you to show us that part of your life.

My Vanilla Protilife Shake (Vanilla Protilife, PGX granules, cinnamon, 10 ice cubes, sweetener, sf vanilla and cookie dough syrup and some Sorbee maple pancake syrup with Bran Crisps crushed on top).Salad (yellow pepper, shirataki, sliced bamboo shoots, whole beans, tuna, yellow pepper, Roma tomato, Romaine, Red Leaf Lettuce, pickles, cucumber)
Protein Cake batch # 1. Used BioX Vanilla Power Whey Isolate today. Made with sf Davinci blueberry syrup, Walden Farms Blueberry syrup, Davinci cookie dough,caramel and vanilla syrups,PGX and
pancake syrup.

Batch # 2... so yummy.

I was so tired today, that when I went for a late lunch, I literally folded my arms on the table and put my head down. This CFS/adrenal exhaustion and mono is kicking my ass. For some reason I have been listening to Hillary Duff's 'FLY' over and over. Also, like Beyonce's new song 'Sweet Dreams' I think, and Jordan Sparks 'Battlefield' is stuck in my head! Workout was good this morning- not sure if it's due to the Bioburn D2T I am using again in addition to the Xenergy, morning rise and shine, and slimquick extreme, or the Vitamin D? Hope tomorrow goes well, as I am so stressed with family and life right now, that at times I feel like just giving up. That's not me, and I need to focus on my SELF and getting back on track and happy.

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