Thursday, August 13, 2009

Protein cakes and creamy protein goodness from Wednesday

So here are the picture I meant to post yesterday. I haven't been taking as many pics of my meals because a, I'm lazy and have mono so energy is LOW 2, My cell phone takes forever to send it to my email so I can save them, and then upload to my blog. 3, Pictures DRAIN the sh*$ outta my cell battery!!!
- But mostly I am just lazy.

These proticakes (this is batch 1- I always make 2 shakes and 8 cakes before dinner) were made with Allmax's Isoflex Protein in Peanut Butter Chocolate. YUM! BioX is still my favorite, but for these cakes the Isoflex or IsoSensations 93 by Ultimate Nutrition work the best. Each "batch' has 4 little proticakes (I only have 4 ramekin type bowls) and I make 2 shakes per batch. Thank Goodness for Natural Factors Slim Styles PGX GRANULES! Makes it SO thick and creamy and you can see in the pictures. I always add crumbled GG Bran crisps on top, and sf pancake syrup, mix it in and let it get soft. Lately I've been cutting up the proticakes and putting chunks into the shake and letting it soak up and get soggy. FANTASTIC. It ends up being like a big bread/cake pudding. I've also been freezing about 4TB (per batch so 6-8 for the 2 shakes) into ice cream in my weirdly shaped Ramekin that I never use (it's curved).

Proticake with sf blueberry syrup and sf raspberry jam!

Note creamy goodness with sf syrup on top! Do you see how smooth thick and creamy???!
SOOOOOOOOOOO Good! thick and creamy and perfect!
My last proticake without any fiber to fluff it. Tastes kind of like cheesecake. There's sf syrup on top and some of my protishake. YUM
Here is the protein used for the proticakes. Ignore that tub to the left that says "whey'. I hate that company. Never buy anything that just says 100% whey. That indicates it's most likely a Whey Concentrate (as opposed to Whey Isolate) or a mix of the 2. CHEAP. If it's an isolate if will usually have "ISO" somewhere in the name of the product (ex. ISOflex, ISOsensations 93, Power Whey Isolate, ISO-XP, IsoBurst etc).

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