Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday (insanity) and THE GREAT COUCH

Hello everyone!

I am going to have a crazy day, and most likely won't be able to post later. I'm dragging my ass to the gym @ 9am, showering, eating my post workout protein oats, grabbing the paper and heading home to EAT! My friend is picking me a little after 11:30am to drop me off at work (I work 1-2 a month on Sunday's to help out- plus I get to load up on all my healthy sugar free goodies!) and I am there until 5. My other friend is picking me up and I want to go pick up my baby sister @ the airport. My parent's are probably going and I'm not sure I can make it with work. Parent's are also a mitigating factor.

I did the majority of my grocery shopping yesterday, because I knew I'd be stressed today and wanted to get home early. Mono takes a lot out of you. Everything exhausts you and the recovery takes longer that normal.

Which I suppose is making everyone wonder "Are you still going to the gym"???...

I know, I know!!!!!!! It's a stupid idea and I'm supposed to be on bed rest. However it's my sanity. I love it as much as I hate it. I get anxious if I don't go and then typically treat myself like shit and eat like crap all day to numb myself. For me, it's this stubborn "I'll show them' kind of mentality. You know you shouldn't, and because of that you push much harder just to show you can do it, and you are tough and won't give up. It's a sign that I haven't given up yet and that I'm still fighting. Then it takes me literally 1.5 days to recover.

We might stop and get some groceries, but nothing major. I have been OBSESSED with Salsa lately. I'm using 1 jar a day minimum! I'm loving the Old Dutch Restaurante!! I bought a HUGE Pace Picante salsa yesterday as well (sale) but it is a lot more 'vinegary' than the one I love. It's not bad though. Mrs.Renfrew's is also good.

I need to load up on my Baker's Deluxe Hot Instant Cereal (which I mix with sf Davinci syrup and eat cold), my GG Bran Crisps, DaVinci, Walden Farms, Belgium Black Licorice Cats, and some other things.

As a parting picture I must post this stunning, jaw dropping and shocking couch that someone left in the back of my apartment. I have taken 4 pictures of it as evidence. It just may be the ugliest 7o's couch I have ever seen. It's so bad, it's almost good. I wanted to take it just because it was bad, but obviously didn't.


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