Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sorry it's been SO long!

(Protein thick creamy chocolate shake, with cinnamon, ice,sf vanilla  and english toffee syrup with Maple Baker's Deluxe  Sweet sprinkled on top!- best dessert ever x2)

Hi everyone!

Sorry about being a horrible blogger! I am EXHAUSTED and nauseous to no end! I have been reading all your posts and commenting, but to actually make a concerted effort to chronicle my day, thoughts, ideas, recipes.... it's too much right now. Mono has become the bane of my existence.

I absolutely loved Julie's post called "Battlefield' (Now the Jordan Sparks song is stuck in my head lol) and so many of you have been reviewing products that I have wanted to put a post up about for years- but feel too sick. Here are some eats from my last few days. I've also been making fantastic 'protein ice cream' from my protilife shakes and generally sitting on my butt and eating. BOO!!!

Inside of Baker's Deluxe (Dixie Diner's in the USA) bag.

Microwaved mini bowl or Baker's Deluxe and  blueberry
SF syrup . I had about 10 of these.

I really want to start doing reviews etc. I have been asked by numerous people to write a cookbook, as I have some crazy inventive creative ideas. I also have a friend that wants me to speak at a convention about health?! I don't know if I"m up for that yet!
Stay in touch! I will definitely be blogging more!

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