Saturday, August 29, 2009

Magic Salvation.

I forgot to let you all know....that I now have the MAGIC BULLET SINGLE SHOT! My friend bought it for me because I wouldn't stop whining that mine was on its' last leg. I was afraid it was a cheaper version (cheaper motor/base or plastic) but it looks identical. And yes, I did spend days reading all reviews and trying to find out if they are identical. They are! Single shot is BLACK and only comes with the cross blade (which I use all the time anyways) 1 big cup, and 2 party mugs. I don't really care because I STILL HAVE EXTRAS IN THE WRAPPER IN MY ORIGINAL BULLET EXPRESS BOX! I have extra flat blades, extra cups, the book etc. The parts are interchangable! I really want the platinum pro magic bullet (it's the brand new one) and it's 40% more powerful etc. The parts aren't interchangable because the platinum is bigger. It actually looks really nice and sleek!!!

Feeling so sick since yesterday. I'm going to try for the gym, but if I don't feel better I am going to most likely vomit all over the place. BOO. I stuffed myself post dinner with about400 cal worth of crap because I thought I'd feel better. As Julie would say, FAIL!!! I felt worse and this morning the nausea and headache is hurting like an SOB. Why did I think stuffing myself would help? It wasn't a lack of eating and blood sugar issue. I've been OVER eating lately from stress. I honestly think that instead of blood, I have advil liquid or liquid motrin running through me.

I'll update soon!

Also, THANK YOU for still reading regardless of my lack of pictures and updates. I didn't think anyone cared and it is so nice when someone comments (thank you Julie). It gave me hope, and hopefully things will start getting better!!!!

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  1. Hey girl don't be stressed! Just get some much needed rest. Sounds like your body could use it! One night of splurge is definitely not a fail! Don't worry about it just get back on track the next day :)