Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday ONLY

Happy Tuesday!

I woke up groggy, late and with the reminants of last nights migraine. Before I could get the 'lazy' mindset going, I threw clothes off of the floor on, caffinated myself (hello Xenergy, 4Energy pills, BioBurn D2T and SQ extreme) and walked to the gym. It wasn't the best high intensity energized workout, but I pushed through and am so glad I went.

I just finished eating my gargantuan lunch and also had 1 serving of my morning cereal, bran cookies, 4 sugar free taffy's and 10 mini sugar free jelly bellies! The pina colada is so good!

Now I'm waiting to here from my little sister if she would grace me with her presence so I can take her to go see Julie & Julia. She 'doesn't know if she wants to yet' (ie. I may have better things to do). I'm giving her another min and then I'm calling her again. UPDATE: We are going!

What did you guys think of the movie? I love LOVE Meryl Streep, and I like food..... How could I not want to see this?????

I had to post another picture of "the couch'. This is one my friend sent me after I forced him to drive over and see it. He was shocked. Unfortunately, Monday it was taken away by the friendly city garbage people.

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