Saturday, August 15, 2009

My LOVE (Bullet Express) & Rainy cold days in August...

Rainy and cold is NOT what one thinks of in August. However, that is exactly what we've been having for the last 2 weeks. I like it- it sets the mood, washes the dirt away, and it's actually cool enough for me to sleep!!! I live in an apartment with HUGE bay windows, and heat controlled climate. The thermometer doesn't work. In summer, it is CRAZY HOT. As in +30c and it's actually colder outside than inside. I sleep with a fan blowing on me 24/7. No jokes. The windows are open, and I barely sleep. Today I actually put a blanket on because I was cold. There is also a furnace that runs under the window where my bed is- so no matter what, it's usually warm.

Today I'm going to take it easy. Gym, eat, eat and then my friend is picking me up and we are going to run errands. I almost had a panic attack this morning, as my account has $16 left in it! I need groceries!!!

Also, travesty of the BIGGEST kind occurred yesterday. ALL I've been talking about is the BULLET EXPRESS 8 MINUTE MEAL MAKER (click on link and you will be hooked!) (I obsessively watch the infomercial and love it) because I NEED this! I love the magic bullet, but this is completely different. It chops, shreds, makes shaved ice, meat load, cheese cake, shreds cheese, apple pie, spews out perfectly uniformly chopped veggies, and comes with a free juicer. I have watched the infomercial over 80x (not kidding). It makes the best pie crusts, or anything you want. It's like a food processor,blender, chopper, slicer, shredder, juicer, sno-cone maker etc all in one. You can put in turkey or skinless chicken breast (raw) add seasoning and blend- making your own fat free high protein meat loaf!! Everything is 8min or less!! I know, I sound like I"m trying to sell it, but I love and want it soo much. I am convinced that true happiness lies with this contraption. It saves so much time (prep) and makes any meal ready to heat or eat in 8 min or less, and they all go into the pan or dish you're planning to bake/eat from!!! Shredded chicken, tofu slices like shredded cheese, tomatoes etc. Fruit salad, grinds anything!!

This is what you get (pasted directly from the website- click on link):

The Meal Maker Express attachment is used for slicing and shredding a variety of vegetables, fruits, meats and cheeses in just seconds.
The Meal Mixer Express #2 attachment is used for a variety of functions including mixing, blending, chopping, mincing, ice crushing, etc. at bullet speeds.

Yes, I am in love with an electric appliance. I have already emailed the company, and have not heard back after 1.5 months. They are notorious for bad service.

Anyways, I sent the link to all my friends (I'm obsessed) and made them watch it. Long story short, my friend decided to buy one for me and surprise me with it to cheer me up. He stopped off @ the 'As seen on TV' store, (even though I told him it's only available through their website, or infomercial) and asked for the bullet express. They sold him the MAGIC BULLET BLENDER EXPRESS 17 piece set!! and NO RETURNS!!!!! He over paid for it BIG TIME and it's the wrong product.

What I can't understand is HOW he could mix them up? He's seen the infomercial clip on the website (unless he lied) and they look nothing alike? I also told him numerous times that the MAGIC bullet is a totally different item, and that there is no 'magic' in the bullet express name.

Then my bullet motor malfunctioned... But I think he's going to keep the magic bullet for himself. I'm glad he has it, as I assured him it will change his life, but I truly was heart broken. Not kidding. I almost hyperventilated with happiness, until he told me WHERE he bought it. I've been depressed since. How sad is that? I am so touched by the fact that he even intended to do something so thoughtful and nice. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

Have you seen the infomercial yet? How you're not limited to the size of the bowl, because it spews it out into whatever bowl you want? And they make the HUGEST Huge Jass salad EVER? I chop 2 cuc's a day, and this would be a God send! You just feed it in the top, and it PERFECTLY spits out chopped/sliced veggies from the spout. You guys have to check it out.

Anyways, sorry this is SOOO long. I need BEA (Bullet Express Anonymous) or some other intervention recovery program. I even dreamt about this!

Wish me luck getting GENERIC superstore no name, or walmart canned wax beans. I get paid Thursday, but since I was on bed rest for 2 weeks, I will be getting nothing and I need to finish paying rent. PANIC

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  1. You seems to like it a lot. I read some of the reviews about it, but some people don't like it, because it breaks and they have to pay for the shipping. Does yours still running?