Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It was my birthday today, and I couldn't have asked for a better day! I just wish I had seen my baby sister! I woke up @ 3am with the worst MIGRAINE. I haven't had a migraine for over 3 months. My foot was THROBBING. I literally had 8 extra strength Advil's and TRIED to get some sleep. I did not want to spend my birthday sick, in pain and over all miserable. I was determined to make it the best day I could have.

I finally got up LATE and in horrible pain, and decided that I WILL go to the gym. My leg was more raw and inflamed than normal at that point in the morning. I had an okay workout- and was glad it was over. I was excited to go to work, because the girl that irritates me was off today, and the girl I LOVE was working with me! Also, one of my friends is a pro football player, and he was planning to come to visit me and get some supplement/training help. I HOBBLE to work, and my manager (had to take off from work early yesterday due to his son) texted saying he is taking a sick day. I was ECSTATIC! It's a different energy when he is gone! I am more at ease, and do a much better job. My only concern was that he would text the girl I don't like to come in. Luckily he didn't! I got a surprise delivery from a friend:

Sorry about the lame background! I also had a friend I USED to be super close with in stop by unexpectedly! I hadn't spoken to her so long and really missed her. I was actually thinking about her this morning-and for no reason she shows up! I had texts come in, and aside from some stupid customers, my day was so nice! I ended up working 2.5hrs longer than scheduled!

I also have 2 new clients! I need to get over my self doubt! I keep procrastinating and putting it off. It's all on me, and I am so afraid of falling short of expectations. Of being a failure. I am extremely sensitive to criticism and look to other's for approval/respect and acceptance. In short, I look for validation and justification in others. I feel like I need to constantly prove myself.

I also got some lip venom from a beautifully sweet girl that works in the building. My leg started THROBBING and I finally left work at 5pm, and hobbled to Shopper's Drug Mart for Ibuprofen. Their Advil's were ridiculously over-priced, so I settled for their ghetto house version. 100 soft gels for $18.99! I took the below picture walking home. How pretty! It was so warm outside today too!!!!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!

    And you don't need to prove yourself to anyone else but yourself! Congrats on getting 2 new clients :)