Monday, January 4, 2010


Good Morning. I am freezing. Sitting by my cluttered computer with 3 layers of sweaters on, and a scarf! I haven't even gone outside yet! I hate WINTER.

I forgot to mention that We have FINALLY gotten Trident Layers! OMG. Ever since I saw these on Julie's Blog I was obsessed (I chew gum like it's crack). Furthermore, I have a slight pineapple scent/flavor addiction. The other day I saw them at Superstore! I only saw Green Apple Pineapple, and Strawberry Orange. They are SO good!

I received an "Oprah" email in my inbox this morning, and as the title intrigued me I clicked on the link (Detoxify Your Life! Start the 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse‏). I think I am definitely a candidate for this. I took the quiz and WOW...did it ever hit home! Anyone interested in doing this?


My right ankle is KILLING ME. It is excruciating to walk on!? wtf? I woke up with it throbbing, and could barely put weight on it. I worked out (with the help of extra strength advil) and it subsided a BIT after that. I did 54min and 520cal/5.6miles. Work was lame. 4 of us at once! I left @ 3pm and ate lunch in the buildings food court area, and read the paper and a tabloid I found laying around. I also had unpictured two 454g bags of radishes, bran crackers etc:

I then went to pick up some stuff/drop some stuff off and MY VITAMIX ARRIVED (in the ever prestigious pay-an-extra-$50-for-the-special-color no less)!!!!!!!!!
I am too stressed to even unload it or open it. I am currently eating a bag of GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread with pancake syrup, cinnamon, sweetener, and PGX- microwaved and waiting to start microwaving my dinner. I am having my 4 cans of canned wax/green/yellow beans, shirataki noodles (to change things up) my favorite GOLD SEAL SMOKED LIGHT TUNA in water, Dole's 908g bag of Romaine, 1.5 tomatoes, 200g of mushrooms, a red pepper, seasonings, green onion, salsa, and 12 sheets of Nori Sushi Seaweed Wraps (I make mini wraps with them, dumping the contents of my salad/casserole in to each sheet I fold/rip into 6 peices). I will follow that with the rest of the 5 GG Brancrisp crackers, tea and some jello. I have been RAVENOUS lately!

This is the first layer

Followed by more microwaved canned beans and shiritaki noodles (aka layer 2-above). This is then topped with about another 2 bowl fulls of romaine, dressing, seasoning, green onion and tomatoes!

Here is another Ghetto shot of my fridge:

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  1. I hate the cold too and as I write and do my work I have on 3 layers of sleeves and still feel chilled to the bones... when will it warm up again! strange about your ankle, I def recommend taking it easy and avoiding all pressure till it gets better.