Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Good and The Bad...and the ugly

The Good: It isn't Monday anymore!

The Bad: It isn't Friday yet....It's only Tuesday.

The Good: Xenergy's new flavour Cherry Lime!

The Bad: I'm still so tired that a can of that, 4 4Energy pills, thermogenics, B12 aren't doing sh$*

The Good: Not having to worry about seeing or talking to S until atleast Thursday!

The Bad: Have to worry about seeing my boss, and wondering if I am impressing him...and dealing with immature snippy co-workers, and less money due to 4 people being on the floor.

The Good: Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar!

The Bad: I keep forgetting to put it on my mp3 or phone!

The Good: As part of my numerous resolutions, I'm going to text a bunch of friends I've lost contact with or haven't heard from in awhile.

The Bad: I withdraw and isolate when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

The Good: BIJA's Holy Basil Tea

The Bad: I'm almost out of New Chapter's super critical Holy Basil :(

The Good: I made good $ at work today, boss took a sick day, and annoying co-worker came 3hrs LATE!!

The Bad: I am so tired.
The Good News: I FINALLY made my printer print after 4 days of trying EVERYTHING.
The Bad: It still isn't wanting to 'suck/feed' the plain paper into the mouth to print it. It won't spool the paper. I had to try printing it 6x!
The Good News: I finally got off my ass, and opened my 'work' email I give out to potential clients, and responded to many of them!
The Bad: I still get self doubts, and am afraid I will let someone down and not measure up....

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